Home Entertainment The police issued a summons for “Kalamare” to be found in the Food Act offenses on January 28.

The police issued a summons for “Kalamare” to be found in the Food Act offenses on January 28.

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Pol. Col. Chananat Sarathawan Phas Deputy Commander of the Consumer Protection Division (Deputy Director General of the CPB) discusses the case where the FDA sent the matter to the ERC to prosecute Ms. Patcharasri Benjamas or Kalamare at Came out to advertise their own supplement products Bragging about properties that eat and lift your face Missing eyes, falling as if double-eyelid, high-rise, wicker disappeared, etc., which caused criticism in the online world and had previously been prosecuted in 7 cases that today (21 Jan), the inquiry official issued a summons for the last time. 1 with Ms. Patcharasri and the company of such products Is completed In an offense under the Food Act 2522, Section 40, no person shall advertise the benefits, quality or properties of the food which is false. Or is a deceit to cause unreasonable beliefs Which has a imprisonment of not more than 3 years or a fine of not more than 30,000 baht and charged with advertising without permission under Section 41, which has a fine of not more than 5,000 baht, who will come to see the police in the Royal Thai Army on the 28th day. January at 11:30 am, which is a lawsuit that has posted a clip of advertising for its own supplements Bragging about the properties that he ate and lifted his face, his eyes fell off like having double eyelids on the bridge Has been sent to the address and has been signed by hand.

However, if the person wishes to come and see the inquiry official before that date and time, can come because it is considered the right of the person.

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For the police issued a summons to come to see until next week Because the police have the person prepared to collect information for clarification, on that day the investigating officer will invite himself to interrogate how to give clarification. Then the allegations will be reported further


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