The police prevented the demonstrators from breaking into the Presidency of Serbia

BELGRADE – They claimed that, at the headquarters of the Presidency, they wanted to hand over the demands to the President of Serbia in person Aleksandar Vučić.

They were prevented from doing so by the police in equipment for breaking up demonstrations and moved them from the stairs of the Presidency building.

Part of them remained in the fenced area in front of the building located in the center of the city.

The gathering called “Stop Vučić’s Betrayal of Kosmet” was organized by “Narodne Patrolle” – a right-wing organization linked to the Russian mercenary paramilitary formation Wagner.

We are the descendants of those who did not sell their faith for dinner, so no one who is in the Serbian Progressive Party can be called a Serb.”, said Damjan Knežević – leader of the “People’s Patrol” during the meeting.

Russia was asked, as they claim, to veto Kosovo’s entry into the United Nations for a month so that, as he stated, they could topple Aleksandar Vučić.

The organizers of the protest are asking the Serbian authorities to end the dialogue with Kosovo and for Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić to no longer participate in it.

Earlier in the day, police officers and members of the Security Information Agency stopped a “Citroen” car driven by DB (1987) in Sremska Kamenica, with J. Š. sitting in the passenger seat. (1992) and in which they found a carbine weapon, the MUP announced.

During the control and examination of the person in the vehicle, a carbine with an optical sight and several pieces of ammunition was found under the back seat, according to the announcement.

It is suspected that the aforementioned persons left for Belgrade for a public gathering in front of the Presidency building scheduled for 6 p.m.

The media reports that he was arrested Dejan Bobocek from Bačka Palanka, a member of the “People’s Patrols”, who are organizing a rally against the betrayal of Kosovo in front of the Presidency of Serbia on Wednesday evening.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs announced that the suspects were taken into custody, and that the investigation is continuing.


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