The police sent the saint amulet into custody. The news also denied that the commander-in-chief believed that he was not found guilty.

Sent to detention today on the charge of “burglary in the house by breaking the barrier for protecting property and use a vehicle to facilitate the offence,” while he still denied the allegations with a calm attitude. After taking him to the court, the investigating officer did not object to his relatives. If applying for bail securities Specify the request to be at the discretion of the court in considering the Commissioner.

On December 3, 64 at 6:30 p.m., reporters were revealed by Pol. Col. Pornchai Kittichayathorn, superintendent of Bang Khla Police Station, Chachoengsao Province that today, Pol.C.T. Dejrit Srikacha, Inspector General, investigating the case of an attacker who broke into a monk’s cubicle in Sanam Chang temple Located at 73 Village No. 4, Samed Tai Subdistrict, Bang Khla District, Chachoengsao Province, before the theft of assets in cash amounting to more than 1 million baht with high-value amulets From within the cubicle of Phra Chairat Thamrotano, 45 years old, 24 years old, Acting Abbot of Wat Sanam Chang

On September 19, 64, while the monks went out to receive the invitation outside the temple, saying: The investigators brought Mr. Suwat Sangkhapreecha, 45, residing at 97/5/1 Moo 1, Sothon Subdistrict, Mueang District, Chachoengsao Province, Sian Phra, who was accused of an arrest warrant in Chachoengsao Province, No. Chan. 404/2564 dated 2 Dec. 64 to be detained at the Chachoengsao Provincial Court at 10.30 am after being brought for questioning according to the additional testimony of the accused in the morning.

The investigating officer has made allegations that “Theft in a house by breaking barriers for property protection and using vehicles to facilitate the commission of an offense.” Part of the process will be performed according to the witnesses found that there was a car at the time of the accident. Many motorcycles parked in front of the church.

At this time, further investigation is underway. The witnesses who have seen them all have been examined. that the motorcycle that came into the park at that time had any characteristics Therefore, it will be examined according to the testimony of witnesses. At this time, it is not yet clear how many people were involved in the attack. The staff are currently trying to take more exams. The accused remained silent and did not testify who was involved.

When asked by a reporter if there was any conviction that the arrest of the accused Pol Col. Pornchai replied that at the moment we follow the process based on all the relevant evidence we have gathered. and then presented to the court Whereas the court will consider the evidence that we have presented that it has enough weight to issue an arrest warrant or not. which the court had considered and saw that it had sufficient weight, therefore approved the issuance of an arrest warrant

When asked about the evidence of the robbery We haven’t come yet, right? Pol. Col. Pornchai replied that at the moment we have not come Especially with cash, we’re still not sure if it’s still there or not. The amulet is currently in the process of checking. which probably still circulates in the group of these monks But at the moment it is still still without finding any group that has amulets in the middle according to the characteristics of the missing monks.

During the custody of the detainee The accused remained calm as usual. which while in the custody of the investigating officer There has been ongoing interrogation. Therefore, there are no relatives to submit securities for temporary release at all. but advised the relatives to apply for bail at the court If wishing to apply for bail In order for the court to consider whether to be released temporarily or not The investigators did not object, Pol Col. Pornchai said.

and also revealed that at 2 p.m. in the past had traveled to report to the Pol Maj Gen Nuntawut Suwanlaong, commander of Chachoengsao Provincial Police. He learned what yesterday the Bang Khla Police Station did after the suspect was arrested on the warrant of arrest. including bringing him into custody today And further investigations were made in the morning, where the commander ordered all relevant regulations and laws, Col. Pornchai said.

Pol Maj Gen Nuntawut said that after the incident, police at Bang Khla Police Station led by Pol. Col. Pornchai Kittichayanthon, who had personally inspected the scene, went to the scene. Scientific evidence has been collected, including latent fingerprints and DNA. And it took the time to make the case as detailed as possible in order to make the justice system as transparent and straightforward as possible.

Initially, the accused still denied the confession. therefore tried to bring other evidence to prove guilt Both the latent fingerprint comparison at the scene DNA test and flaws as well as witnesses who are enough to see that the culprit has entered the scene or not Therefore, it is believed that the evidence is sufficient to allow the court to issue an arrest warrant. Maj. Gen. Nantawut said.


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