Home News ‘The police should speak politely to the girls and women in our house’: VD Satheesan

‘The police should speak politely to the girls and women in our house’: VD Satheesan

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Kochi: Opposition leader VD Satheesan has warned that if the police do not speak politely to the girls and women in our house, they will be dealt with severely. Who gave the license to the Kerala Police to treat the girls in our house in an indecent manner? The Chief Minister in charge of the Home Department should immediately intervene and take strong action against the officials who made anti-woman remarks. The Leader of the Opposition said that the Kerala Police is becoming an anti-woman police.

The girls, who were arrested by the Congress leaders during the assembly march, were mistreated by the CI and SI of the Cantonment police station at the hospital. The CI, who made anti-feminist remarks, spoke badly to the girls. The government is acting as if it is an anti-woman government. The FIR was lodged six months after Anupama’s complaint was lodged with the DGP. This will not be allowed in Kerala. Women should be treated equally as equal partners. It has become a regular occurrence that women participating in struggles are treated rudely.

The accused have not yet been arrested despite a complaint lodged by an abused AISF leader at MG University. The police are not even ready to arrest the accused despite sexually assaulting the leader of the student wing of the CPI, the second party in the ruling alliance. If we do not speak politely to the girls and women in our home, we will face a very strong situation. Reminds police to be careful.

The Opposition brought up the issue of women’s security in the Assembly. This is because of the recurrence of such incidents. But the CM said it was an isolated incident. In Kerala, if the police take this stand, violence against women and children will increase. The police must prevent violence against women and children. Investigating is not the only case. Police should also take precautionary measures to prevent attacks. Police are mocking the women who go with the complaint.

Opposition leader VD Satheesan has demanded a public apology from Pinarayi Vijayan and the government to Alan and Thaha and their families for the pain of their children in jail. The Supreme Court has ruled that the UAPA case is not a case against Alan and Taha. The UDF has taken the position that the UAPA has been abusive since the arrest of Alan and Taha. Police said they found some books in their home. I have books in my library that speak of even greater Maoist ideas. If so, I should be arrested too.

Not a problem that ends on a map. What is the solution to being in jail for so long? How much pain those families went through. The Pinarayi government unnecessarily imprisoned its own party members on the grounds of UAPA due to minor problems within the party.

Pinarayi Vijayan proved that if he gets a law in hand, he will become a bigger dictator than Modi. Because it does not. If there was power, it would show the general nature of dictators. Is this the Left? Is this the question we raise again? Those who publicly preached in parliament and in public that the UAPA law was a Draconian law imprisoned two young men using the same law for a trivial matter in their own party. Is it left? Or the far right? Isn’t this what the Yogi Adityanath government in UP is doing? Kerala is not ruled by a Left government now. It is a far-right government. The imprisonment of Alan and Taha by the UAPA is the biggest sign of that.

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