The Police Station Next to the Fire Station and the National Forensic Service’: The Shocking Ending Raises Concerns for the Fate of Jin Ho-gae

Shocking Ending Leaves Viewers Wondering about the Fate of the Protagonist in ‘The Police Station Next to the Fire Station and the National Forensic Service’

By Lee Jung-hyeok

After the unexpected death of Son Ho-jun’s character, viewers of the SBS Friday-Saturday drama series ‘The Police Station Next to the Fire Station and the National Forensic Service’ are now left questioning the fate of Kim Rae-won’s character in the latest episode.

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This drama, written by Min Ji-eun and directed by Shin Shin-soo, revolves around the intertwining lives of firefighters, police officers, and the National Forensic Service. In the tenth episode, a shocking explosion leaves the audience uncertain about the life and death of Jin Ho-gae (Kim Rae-won).

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Furthermore, the surprising demise of the main character, Son Ho-jun, in just three episodes has heightened concerns about the remaining episodes of the season.

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In the tenth episode, the viewers were introduced to the revelation that Dex, the antagonist pursued by Jin Ho-gae, is actually Han Se-jin (played by Jeon Seong-woo), a forensic scientist working for the National Forensic Service. This shocking twist occurs as Jin Ho-gae and Jin Cheol-joong (played by Cho Seung-yeon) observe the autopsy of Ma Jung-do’s body. Han Se-jin discovers foreign substances, namely salt and potassium, suggesting foul play, ultimately putting Jin Ho-gae’s life at risk.

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Jin Ho-gae eventually realizes that Han Se-jin is Dex, the mastermind behind the crimes, but before he can expose the truth, an explosion rocks their caravan. The fate of the characters remains uncertain as a body is discovered at the scene, creating an atmosphere of impending doom.

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The 11th episode preview shows Jin Ho-gae’s belongings found at the accident site, intensifying speculation about his survival. Viewers are left questioning whether the dramatic tension at the end is necessary to captivate their attention.

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Meanwhile, the production team promises that the remaining episodes, scheduled to air on September 8th and 9th, will conclude the captivating narratives of both Season 1 and Season 2 of ‘The Police Station Next to the Fire Station and the National Forensic Service.’ According to the team, an unimaginable event will unfold, surpassing all expectations. Be sure not to miss the final installment of this thrilling series.

Reporter: Lee Jung-hyuk

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[스포츠조선 이정혁 기자]After killing Son Ho-jun, did he have to suggest the death of Kim Rae-won? Maybe not, but viewers are worried about the end of the 10th episode, which leaves this possibility open.

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SBS Friday-Saturday drama ‘The Police Station Next to the Fire Station and the National Forensic Service’ (played by Min Ji-eun, directed by Shin Shin-soo) is a drama about fire fighting fire, a police officer catching a crime , and National Forensic Service capturing evidence. Above all, in the last 10 episodes, the shocking ending ‘life and death cannot be confirmed’ when the caravan exploded with Jin Ho-gae (Kim Rae-won) shocked me.

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Moreover, as he killed Ho-Jun Son, the main character of season 1, in 3 episodes, and surprised viewers, there is concern over the end of the last flame.

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Previously, in the 10th episode, it was revealed that the last villain Dex, whom Jin Ho-gae was chasing, was Han Se-jin (Jeon Seong-woo), a forensic scientist commissioned by the National Forensic Service, causing commotion Jin Ho-gae, together with Jin Cheol-joong (Cho Seung-yeon), observed the autopsy of Ma Jung-do’s (Jeon Kuk-hwan) body, and Han Se-jin, who was doing the autopsy, came to the conclusion that salt was the foreign substance from Ma Jung-do’s stomach, but Jin Ho-gae was the definitive evidence of ‘murder’ in salt. The tail was caught when discovering ‘potassium’. Then, Ho-gae Jin, who found Ma-hwa (Lee Do-yeop), who had disappeared, threatened to call Dex, and the moment Ma-hwa’s life was in danger, Se-jin jumped Han in suddenly and cause tension.

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And at that moment, Jin Ho-gae remembered the words ‘America’ and ‘doctor’ left by Mae-hwa and Han Se-jin’s actions, and noticed that Han Se-jin was ‘Dex’. However, while Han Se-jin admits with a cold smile that he is Dex, the caravan with the two explodes after a while, raising the sense of crisis. Moreover, after that, the body was found on the spot, which created an ominous feeling.

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Amid the curiosity about the fate of Jin Ho-gae, who learned the identity of Dex, the scene where Jinho-gae’s belongings came out at the scene of the accident in the 11th trailer, which was released in advance, draws attention.

In response, viewers said, “The only device to raise the tension at the end is the concern about Jinhogae’s death” Is it necessary to attract attention?”

Meanwhile, the production team said, “With the 11th episode to air on September 8th and the 12th episode to air on September 9th, the wonderful narratives of Season 1 and Season 2 of ‘Little Side View’ will come to an end.” There is an extremely large unimaginable event that goes beyond the story. Don’t miss the final story to see how the ‘Cow Side View’ series will end.” Reporter Lee Jung-hyuk

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