The Pope said that the people of Ukraine were victims of cruel torture; Call to unify Pope says Ukraine subject to monstrosities

Pope Francis said that the people of Ukraine are victims of brutal attacks and torture. In his speech in St. Peter’s Square, the Pope called for solidarity with the people of Ukraine under Russian aggression.

The Pope referred to a conversation he had with Cardinal Konrad Krajewski, who leads the services of the Church in Ukraine. Cardinal Konrad said that he had seen for himself the victims of the brutal attack on the Ukrainian people.

“There he saw dead bodies of people who had been brutally tortured. We must unite with those noble, martyred people.’ – Papa said.

Earlier, the authorities in Ukraine revealed that many bodies of people who died after being brutally beaten were found in the areas that were recaptured from the Russian army. Many bodies were found with their hands tied behind their backs.

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