The Pope says that the Catholic Church fights ‘as much as possible’ against child abuse

Pope Francis says the fight for women’s rights is an ‘ongoing battle’. ‘Male chauvinism’ is fatal to humanity. The Pope said that female genital mutilation is a crime that must be stopped.

He was speaking to reporters on his way back from a four-day visit to Bahrain. The Pope’s response was in response to a question about women protesting in Iran. Pope Francis praised the women he appointed to management positions in the Vatican and noted that they had improved things.

At the same time, the Pope said that the Catholic Church is doing its best to fight the abuse of clerical children, but admitted that there are shortcomings. The Pope insisted that the Church would take a “zero tolerance” approach to abuse. But critics say many countries are not taking the issue seriously. The abuse scandal erupted in the second half of the 1980s.

Story Highlights: Pope Francis says Church is fighting child abuse ‘as best we can’

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