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Original title: Going online, the popular music APP is super expected

If life is an adventure, then music is our best partner. For those who travel along the way, we can’t control their “getting off time”, and may be scattered as they walk, but music can always accompany us. Music is not a luxury. It is not consumed when our wallets are full. Music is not a pastime or entertainment. Music is human spiritual food and makes human life more meaningful.

In order to realize the vision of returning the Chinese music dream to everyone, on December 3rd, the press conference for the online shopping of the Songs of the Songs-Gugua Music APP was successfully held. At the same time, this conference has also aroused a high degree of topicality and enthusiasm in the core circle of music creators. Pan-music lovers have downloaded the quack music app to participate in this music feast.

Come and join the gathering place for music fans

In recent days, the most talked about by music lovers is the quack music app. The quack music is a strategic investment of Gome Group, an important project of Gome’s “Home·Life” strategic entertainment. It is a one-stop platform for all scenes of the music industry and music enthusiasts. Their gathering place. Gugua Music App is here to ignite everyone’s music dreams, and aims to successfully connect the audience’s “emotional value” with music, so that everyone can enjoy music to the fullest. The quack music app has opened up the link of “listening, playing, learning, shopping, show, and competition”, unlocking all music scenes with one click, people can not only play and listen to music, but also learn music, come and have a show of singing!

Create a one-stop platform for all scenes of the music industry to boost the sound development of the music ecology

Looking back at the entire press conference of the Kaka Music APP launch, it can be said that there are many highlights. Through a large number of competitions and rankings, the quack music app has successfully opened up the transition from introduction-incubation-support-change of scenes, creating a one-stop platform for all scenes of the music industry and boosting the sound development of the music ecology. For example, in terms of music creation transactions, the platform provides lyrics, composition, and song appointment services for musicians. On the platform, you can find creative music partners, and find capable creative partners by initiating individual invitations or creating individual competitions to complete music creation together. Realize the dream of music.

The popular music app continues to rise when it goes online

Since the quack music app accurately understands the needs of music lovers, it has aroused everyone’s interest when it was launched, and the activity of the quack music app has steadily increased. It is not difficult to see that the quack music app really suits the taste of music enthusiasts. “. In addition, the quack music theme song is also a highlight of this conference. With its magical melody, it is expected to become another brainwashing divine song of the moment.

All in all, with the launch of the Gugua Music APP, the music circle once again set off an unstoppable music storm, and it also helped more people realize their music dreams in social interaction!Return to Sohu to see more


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