The potential political order could be set up in Virginia

RICHMOND, Va. (AP) – An attempt was made to set aside the elected advocate officer who was launched on Monday and Business. Ralph Northam declared a new "race and equity" program for the rest of his tenancy, saying he really believes "things happen for a reason."

Show racial behavior exposure and allegations of sexual assault that occurred for years ago, Northam, Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax and Attorney General Mark Herring. It seems that all three will come to the first fire, but threatening their political lack of global wound.

Northam and Herring are still struggling to recover after recognizing that they have been rooted as young men in the 1980s. When it seemed that Fairfax could fight as a governor, two women continued to put sexual lenses in the 2000s. Fairfax rejected it greatly, asking the FBI to investigate it.

Northam commented on his Monday's broadcast on "This Morning CBS" that he now understands that he was "born as a white privilege", which is why he will start his remaining assembly of policies aimed at help his black ingredients.

"I really believe things happen for a reason," Northam said. "I will focus on race and equity. That is what I have, for a further three years, to be a commitment to me in Virginia. And I think we can make great changes."

Everyone is expected to attend the events that took place long before they take office, but it is a full crisis for the Democratic Party, which supports black voters and has a small non-tolerance approach to sexual misconduct in the #MeToo era.

The cost of a house can be expensive: The GOP regulates the legislature of the Islands, and if all of them are successful, the Governor of the House of the Republican Kirk Cox was the Virginia ruler. Democrats are still expecting the General Assembly to flip at legislative elections this year.

Patrick Hope of Democrat, Patrick Hope, soon said "he received" sincere feedback "from colleagues to spread the draft of his investigation bill, and see" extra conversations … must be done before nothing filtered. "

Reference officers may still investigate Fairfax, even if there is no immediate impeachment in the cards. Meredith Watson and Vanessa Tyson sent him the sexual assault and gave him evidence.

Generally, the Associated Press does not name people to say they are victims of sex attacks, but both women are voluntarily going on.

Watson says that Fairfax was successful when she was a student at the University of Dice in 2000. Tyson, a professor of California College, claimed Fairfax was trying to take her oral sex at the Boston hotel in 2004 .

Fairfax never refuses anyone to be sexually assaulted.

"In fact, we would like to have any entity with a comprehensive investigative power to look at these reasons thoroughly," said spokesman Fairfax, Lauren Burke. "Basic facts must be verified under these allegations. It is seen that something more is going on here."

Meanwhile, Fairfax showed that he will not resign.

"Before Donald Trump, I would like to say this type of thing, it is impossible for a person to go straight ahead, put their heads down and ignore it," said Quentin Kidd, a professor of political science at Christopher University of Newport . "The former Donald Trump, in my opinion, is what elected officials are willing to do after changing in some way. Can he proceed? Certainly he can go ahead."

If Fairfax was leaving, it is not clear who could replace it. Northam could try to appoint Democracy, and Republicans may have legal challenges with the objective of Proa Pro Seanad Steve Newman to attend a voting mayor and temporary regulator.

She would be the next one to come if both Northam and Fairfax wanted to leave an office, and first he called for Northam to succeed, but then he admitted that A party was involved in black trimming in 1980, opening himself with simultaneous racist charges, opportunism and hypocrisy.

In this most recent interview, Northam gave a fuller explanation of his statements that made this whole crisis, when he left a photo discovery on the school's year-old school yearbook book page showing one man wearing a blackframe near another in Ku Cochall and Klux Klan dress. Northam first said he was in the photograph; He denied it, and said he played blackface with a dance party in the same year.

Northam said "This Morning CBS" he really assumed responsibility for the picture because he never saw the previous image.

"When you're in shock as I was, we do not think so clear and we should," said Northam, who worked for years as a pediatric neurologist before going into politics.

But "when I went back and looked at it, I just said that I know I'm not in the Klan suit. And I started looking at an individual's picture with a blackface. myself, "he said.

Northam told CBS that he is on his other leaders to decide if they want to stay on the job. He said he supports the call of Fairfax for investigation, and about Herring, "like me, he has grown."


Report Finley from Norfolk, Virginia. Associated Press participants, Steve Helber, in Kilhowie, Virginia are contributing to this report; David McFadden in Baltimore; and Julie Pace and Michael Biesecker in Washington.


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