‘The Power of Tada’ begins the Thai Iron Man Army Win the 2021 World Championships

‘The Power of Tada’ begins the Thai Iron Man Army Win the 2021 World Championships

“Da” Thada Somboonuan, a 21-year-old rising star from Nakhon Nayok Province Made his debut for the Thai powerhouse team by winning 1 silver medal, total weight 55 kg, men’s 55 kg weightlifting world championship 2021 in Uzbekistan, while Snatch and Clean and Jurge finished fourth. both positions

2021 World Weightlifting Championships in Tashkent Uzbekistan This tournament has athletes from 74 nations, a total of 432 people participating in the competition. while the Amateur Weightlifting Association of Thailand Send a total of 14 athletes, 9 male and 5 female.

Most recently, late at night on December 7, “Da” Thada Somboonuan, a 21-year-old Thai rising star from Nakhon Nayok province. Take the stage as the first in the men’s 55 kg category, Group A. As a result, Tada made his debut for the Thai Iron Man by winning 1 silver medal from a total weight of 256 kg, while the snatch can lift 115 kg. 4th place and Clean and Jurge, lifting 141 kg, also ranked 4th.

Starting from the snatch thada, starting for the first time Lifted through the iron weight of 112 kg, then lifted the second time, passed the iron weight of 115 kg, but the third time, at the weight of 117 kg, Tada pulled the iron off her hand and missed the best record of 115 kg. sorry Only 4th place, the gold medal belongs to Abdurahim Mansour Al Saleem from Saudi Arabia, 118 kg, Silver Medal, Aril Shauntay from Kazakhstan, 118 kg (can be lifted after athletes Saudi Arabia) Bronze Medal Muheimer Shakin from Turkey, 116 kg.

Then clean and jerk Tada came out for the first time, 135 kg, despite successfully lifting. But the judges saw that the gesture was incomplete. Therefore did not pass, but the second lifted through 137 kg and the 3rd lifted through 141 kg took 4th place in this position. The gold medal went to Hriskov Ruchev from Bulgaria, 144 kg, the silver medal, Mo. Hammed Bin Kasdan from Malaysia, 142kg, Bronze medalist Aryl Chonthey of Kazakhstan, 142kg (taken from Malaysian athlete)

and total weight, Tada can do 256 kg, good enough to win a silver medal. This was his first medal at the World Championships, while the gold medal went to Aril Shauntay of Kazakhstan 260kg and the bronze medalist Hriskov Ruchev of Bulgaria 254kg.

For the program of the remaining Thai national weightlifters, as follows: December 8, women’s 45 kg model, A Thanyathorn Sukcharoen group, compete at 6:00 p.m., women’s 49 kg model, group A Surjana Khambao. Time 21.00, December 9th, 61 kg. Men, Group A, Pasit Sangma, at 21.00, December 10, 67 kg. Men, Anucha Duangsri at 6:00 PM. ., Model 73 kg. Male, Group A, Sittipong Jeeram at 21.00

Dec. 12, Class 81, Male, Group B, Nattawut Sueksa and Nontapat Thaniwan at 3 p.m., 64 kg class, Female, Group A. Rossukon Sornkaew at 6:00 p.m., Dec. 13. Model 89 kg. Male, Group B Phacharamee Tharapan at 12.30, Model 71 kg. Female, Group A Siriyakorn Khaipandung at 21.00, 96 kg. Male, Group D Weerapat Boonlang time 11:30 p.m., December 17, over 109 kg, male group C, Rungsuriya Panya at 10.00, and over 87 kg female, group A, Duang Aksorn Jaidee at 3:00 p.m.


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