The power of the people, the General Assembly adopted the party’s argument for ‘a governmental investigation after processing the budget bill’

Joo Ho-young, floor leader

After the power of the people handled next year’s budget first, they agreed to accept the government’s investigation to discover the truth of the ’10/29 disaster’.

Crym y Popl held a general assembly of lawmakers this morning and took part in the government inquiry which was being promoted by the three opposition parties, including the Democratic Party, the Justice Party and the Basic Income Party, but before this , it was announced that the plan to first agree on next year’s budget had been adopted as the party’s theory.

Ho-young Joo, the floor leader, met with reporters immediately after the meeting and explained, “The meeting approved the plan to hold a government investigation after the budget bill was processed, and the floor delegation was entrusted with the specific plan to discuss, but he was ordered not to make too many concessions.”

“There were many requests not to discuss the investigation into state affairs as if it was being dragged out due to time issues and various other reasons,” he said.

However, when asked by reporters if the president’s office would be included in the government’s investigation, he said, “If the conditions are right, it can be done, and non-compliant requests cannot be accommodated with excessive principles or requirements.”

I don’t think the announcements that come out of the negotiation process are helpful in terms of reaching an agreement.”

Previously, the power of the people did not reveal their position to participate in the investigation of state affairs, saying that they had to watch the police investigation after the ’10/29 disaster’.

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