The PP and Cs plan to rule together in Andalusia with the external support of Vox

After flirting all week with the far right Vox party, the PP leader, Pablo Casado, wanted to score distances on Thursday and indicated in an informal conversation with journalists during the commemoration of the 40th anniversary of the Constitution in the Congress that its priority is to negotiate a Government agreement with citizens and wait for the external support of the training directed by Santiago Abascal. The intention of the people is, then, "to govern with 47 seats" in Andalusia, that adds the PP and the citizens, and then it forces the support of the extreme right. "They must justify why they abstain if they do not support us," said Married, although he admitted that they will negotiate with Vox because he has ruled out entering Canal Sur, one of the measures required by Abascal.

The PP leader picks up Glove Citizens, who yesterday extended his hand to negotiate to reach the Council without including, for the time being, Vox. However, Married also makes it clear that they will not surrender in any case to govern and their intention is to achieve a "global agreement" that is ready on December 27, the day in which the table of Parliament should be assumed and has to decide who chairs the upper room. From the PP it comes with good eyes that it is for the orange party, while those of Rivera do not want to discard options and continue including the crosses to the PSOE. If the agreement goes well, the PP leader estimates that the PP and C can also rule in a coalition in Moncloa here "six months or a year." He considers that it is necessary to "optimize" the forces because Cs can scratch votes in the PSOE and delay the height of Vox.

Diaz: they must decide whether they want to be Macron or Salvini

Meanwhile, the Andalusian president, Susana Díaz, who welcomed the reception of the Constitution anniversary with Pedro Sánchez, challenged Casado and Rivera to decide whether they want to be "like Merkel or Macron", who have made the sanitary cable against the ultra-fast radical that defends , or as Salvini. Diaz used the anniversary of the Constitution to justify the need to stop Vox and said that 40 years ago "the two trenches" sat around a table to agree a pact and now they must be able to "stop" the extreme right "in defense" of the liberties, the rule of law and the equality ".

By Casado, on the other hand, Vox "is more Donald Trump than Marine Le Pen." This was stated in the informal conversation with journalists, in which he stated that his intention is not to reedit the governments of the tripartite "like those of Patxi [López] o [Pasqual] Maragall ", with reference to Basque and Catalan.

The president of the Spanish government, Pedro Sánchez, gave the tripartite in Andalusia with the PP, Cs and Vox and clarified that he maintained all the support in Susana Díaz after the Secretary of Organization of the PSOE and Minister of Development, José Luis Ábalos, taught him the Monday to departure gate and then corrected. Sánchez accepted that he is still his candidate and leader of the Andalusian Socialists.

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