The Précis event – ​​Poem: The Muse amuses you

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At the palace of worms

We are going towards the worms

Towards all those who have meaning in the broad sense

Without however ceasing to praise us, and to enchant

And here we are at the palace of verses without reverse

Palace of your non-ugly legacies

Name of your fragrant names

And smoking the sweet sensation of our ills

We cherish evils without words

But beautiful clothes in leases are the lease!

Evils in lease, people yawn misery

But the words are lost, the senses awaken.

In the palace of worms,

Towards an ageless journey,

We are going towards the worms

Without falling into darkness

Without however wanting to put

Under the pot, the candlestick of words

And here we are at the palace of worms

Ugly palace of our unsettled rules

Let’s speak freely, far from our ornate standards

Who still wants to asphyxiate the Muse

Ah the Muse, museum of our amusements

And fortunately with a club

A dwarf is born!

Dwarf whose hands and mind are illuminated

Flood humanity with white-haired stars!

And on these canvases of our roofs

Shut up and quickly open your teeth

Because in the palace of worms

Broken glasses still quench the thirst

So many glasses on our tables surrounded by good people

And there is no reverse in the midst of our common efforts

What joy for you and no anguish!

Because at the palace of worms the Muse delights you.

Poem taken from the collection ONDES CIVIQUES by Sunday Alexis KLOUE