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Beijing time:2023-01-25 10:20

[Newyddion Tang Dynasty News, amser Beijing, Ionawr 25, 2023]The price of eggs is soaring, and Americans are using their creativity to find solutions on their own. Which design do you like?

It’s hard to live without eggs for three meals a day, but since the price of beaten eggs has skyrocketed, he’s been reluctant to give it up for a long time.

Victor Ramos, a resident of California: “I used to pay $1.99, $2.99[am ddwsin]but now the prices are crazy.”

As a result, US-Mexico border customs have faced new challenges in recent days.

Many people took advantage of the price difference between the two countries to bring raw eggs back to the United States from Mexico. However, it is illegal to bring raw eggs into the United States without reporting them, and you can be fined up to $10,000.

Although customs officials sympathize with their fellow egg smugglers, for the safety of American poultry, smuggled eggs must be seized.

Looking at the constantly changing egg price tags in the supermarket, consumers are very helpless.

Rita Garcia, California resident: “Two dozen eggs (24) cost $22. My budget can’t afford it.”

Fortunately, many American families own independent houses and raise a few chickens in the backyard, which not only solves the egg supply, but also eats green organic products.

Housewife Cassidy O’Donnell: “Having these chickens in the backyard saves us a lot of money.”

In 2022, the United States will experience the worst bird flu in history, and millions of chickens will be culled, resulting in a tight supply of eggs. At the same time, the increase in transport and feed prices has also caused the price of eggs to rise.

But experts say the egg supply will level off as the stock of laying hens increases.

Comprehensive report by NTDTV reporter Ren Hao

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