The price of gold today, 1 June 2023, starting a new month, has moved up compared to yesterday’s closing price.

gold price today Gold Traders Association The market opened in the morning, starting in June and has moved up, compared to yesterday’s closing price, gold jewelry was sold for 32,750 baht per baht.

The price of gold per day on June 1, 2023, increased by 50 baht compared to the last price on May 31. The selling price of gold ornaments is 32,750 baht, according to the latest data from the Association of Gold Traders Published through the website at 9:27 am ago

Domestic gold bars The purchase price was 32,150 baht per baht and sold out at 32,250 baht, according to the first announcement today For 96.5 percent gold ornaments, the purchase price was 31,578.28 baht per baht and sold out at 32,750 baht, while the world gold price (Gold Spot) is at $1,964.50/oz

Summary of gold prices on 1 June 2023

1st publication

gold bar
purchase price 32,150 baht per baht
Sold out 32,250 baht per baht

gold jewelry
purchase price 31,578.28 baht per baht
Sold out 32,750 baht per baht