The Prime Minister advises the commander of the army to watch the film “Fauda”, noting that the world situation has brought problems to spiral and cause war.

Reporters reported that General Prayut Chan-o-cha, the Prime Minister and Minister of Defense, chaired the Defense Council meeting. It has been noted that Gen. Prayut a calm, calm attitude, without any complaints, by allowing the head of the army and each army to open a video clip and describe the results of the meeting according to the agenda by General Prayut. There was no limit or resistance as always.

and listened to the lecture from beginning to end, then General Prayut Said the policy as usual The meeting only took 1 hour and a half. There was no political talk at the meeting. There was no sign, such as dissolving the parliament or depositing anything with the head of the armed forces, because this is the last curve of the government that would complete its term of 4 years in March. Because this defense council meeting He was watching whether it was a game close to the end or not

However, General Prayut Presented the war film Fauda to the meeting through NETFLIX, with the Prime Minister drawing attention to the war. That can bring various things to spin, be it the political and economic problems of the current world situation. As the plot of the film, Fauda is about an Israeli spy who leaves his life after retirement. Hunt down the Palestinian fighters you think you have killed. until it was the beginning of various events

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