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The Prime Minister of Eastern Thai Hotels believes that the country will open on November 1, foreign numbers may not move.

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Sriracha News Center – Prime Minister, Eastern Thai Hotel Believe that the country will open on November 1, the number of foreign tourists may not move because the welcome measures are not clear and the Thailand Pass system is still delayed.

After the government announced a policy to open the country to tourists in 46 low-risk countries who will be able to travel in Thailand without quarantine from November 1 onwards. As a result, the private sector and tourism business entrepreneurs have come out to respond that it will help support the economy to continue.

Today (27 July) Mr. Provt Saekoo, President of the Eastern Thai Hotels Association Has come out to comment on the policy again that This is a good sign for the tourism of Pattaya. although in the past There will be a postponement to accept tourists 1 time from the original plan on 1 July ago. from the COVID-19 situation unresolved

by also saying The private sector is ready to respond to the policy, despite the delay in opening up tourists. Because tourists will have to plan a trip. including booking accommodation and flights Until it may result in the beginning may not have many tourists coming in, but in the end it’s better than not coming in at all.

After the opening of the country on November 1, 2021, the private sector still has to monitor the implementation of various steps. In order to facilitate tourists, such as changing the visa issuing system from COE to Thailand Pass that will be available on November 1, 2021, this system will allow tourists to take approximately 1-2 weeks to complete able to travel into Thailand

“In addition, there is a RT-PCR screening process for COVID-19 that needs to be monitored for tourists outside of the 46 low-risk countries. Currently, the private sector is still waiting for clarity from the government as well.”

He confirmed that the establishments of hotels, restaurants and other tourist attractions in Pattaya and Bang Lamung districts are ready to welcome tourists for a long time. Since when there was a policy to open a tourist city on July 1 in the past.

“Opening the country to receive tourists on November 1, there will be only tourists who request to enter Thailand through COE, which in this regard, there should be a small number and believe that foreign tourists will travel to Thailand after opening. The country has been gone for about 2-3 weeks because the tourists themselves are waiting for clarity on travel. and the activation of the Thailand Pass system that until today, no one has entered the information.”

Mr. Sombat also revealed that after the government announced the opening of the country Tour operators in Pattaya are starting to receive inquiries from tour agencies. Regarding the conditions of establishments that have received SHA Plus standards, including asking for prices About travel packages

It is believed that if the government announces clear guidelines for welcoming tourists, it is believed that at the end of this year there will definitely be tourists coming to Pattaya.


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