The Prime Minister’s Meeting with the New York Stock Exchange: Unlocking Thailand’s Potential and Attracting International Interest

Prime Minister Promotes Thailand’s Economic Policy at New York Stock Exchange

New York, September 22, 2023 – Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, Mr. Settha Thavisin, met with Mr. John Tuttle, Vice Chairman of the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), yesterday to discuss Thailand’s economic agenda and its commitment to supporting the private sector’s access to finance. The meeting aimed to explore opportunities and tap into Thailand’s immense potential, while also fostering interest in the region.

Thailand Ready for Cooperation

During the meeting, the Prime Minister expressed gratitude to the NYSE, recognizing its pivotal role as an engine of the global economy. He assured the audience that Thailand stands ready to collaborate with other nations and is open for business.

Mr. Tuttle, in turn, commended Thailand’s policies and stability, expressing confidence in the Prime Minister’s leadership and the Thai government’s capabilities.

Capitalizing on Opportunities

Both parties acknowledged the significant potential for Thai businesses and individuals to leverage the US capital market. The Prime Minister affirmed his commitment to advancing the interests of Thai enterprises, facilitating their access to the capital market, and enabling business expansion.

Moreover, the Vice Chairman highlighted the allure of Southeast Asia as a captivating region. Notably, he praised Thailand’s recently formed stable government, which further elevates the country’s attractiveness. He extolled several Thai companies for prioritizing creative and sustainable business practices, as well as their progressive mindset regarding the green financial market.

Promoting Thai Presence on the Global Stage

As a symbol of partnership and to mark the occasion, the Prime Minister ceremoniously pressed the trading button, signaling the opening bell of the NYSE before departing at 9:29 am.

Thailand’s emphasis on economic cooperation, commitment to supporting the private sector, and focus on harnessing the country’s potential mark a crucial step towards broader regional and global integration.

Friday, 22nd September, 2023, 10.04 pm

The Prime Minister meets with the New York Stock Exchange. Emphasize the government’s economic policy Willing to support Thailand’s private sector access to sources of finance Look for opportunities and take advantage of Thailand’s potential. Add interest to the region

On September 22, 2023 at 8:30 am local time in the United States at the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) Mr. Settha Thavisin, Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Met with Mr. John Tuttle, Vice Chairman of the New York Stock Exchange. After its completion, Mr Chai Watcharong, spokesperson for the Prime Minister’s Office said a summary of the important points as follows:

The Prime Minister thanked the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) for being the heartbeat of the global economy. Confirm that Thailand is ready to cooperate with other countries. Willing to conduct business cooperation (Open for business)

The Vice President praised the country’s policies and stability. and Thai businessmen Confidence in the work of the Prime Minister and the government of Thailand

Both sides believe that the capital market The financial market of the United States It will be an opportunity for Thai people and Thai businesses that have potential. The Prime Minister is ready to work. Push forward Thai businesses with potential Increase opportunities to access the capital market and be able to expand business

At the same time, the Vice Chairman said that South East Asia is an interesting region at the moment. In addition, the Thai government has just been established with stability. Make Thailand even more interesting and admire many Thai companies that give importance to creative business operations. sustainable development and has a relevant perspective on the green financial market.

And finally, before leaving the NYSE at 9:29 am, the Prime Minister Press the trading button (Opening Bell)

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