The process of putting out forest fires Earlobes are hot You must jump and spray water for protection. Slow contraction causing support?

The above phrase belongs to “Chatchai Thaikla”, the director of the Fire Training Institute. and Tafta Advanced Rescue, a firefighter who puts out forest fires. with instructions for extinguishing forest fires Occurred in Khao Laem – Khao Cha Pond, Nakhon Nayok Province

Mr Chatchai said that a student went to the area to put out the forest fire. As for him, he was always following the news. It is reported that it has spread towards the Royal Military Academy of the Royal Thai Police.Initially, what to do is

1. Fire Barrier by plowing or using a tractor to spread to prevent the fire from spreading to the building as a fire line

2. A partial burning method is used. For example, if there is an area near the village We burned some of the forest with a fire truck nearby. Because when we burn 10-20 meters before the fire arrives, it cannot spread. The important thing is that we have a fire truck under control.

“A flight to extinguish forest fires may not be effective because sometimes it has already been extinguished But some points are still stuck. And most importantly, burning is sometimes a matter of people’s lifestyle. Who use this method to hunt birds, frogs, chipmunks, while the forest that has been burned for less than 3 weeks, it starts to grow again. Especially soft grass, then the deer will come back because even if there is a forest fire. But the forest did not die.

Chief Firefighter Revealing the fact that wildfires sometimes don’t just happen due to nature. Maybe it’s from human hands. Sometimes we’re on a flying helicopter, we can see it down, it’s burning, but it’s hard to do anything. Because it is his way of life, so what needs to be done is that local people, especially Sub-district Administrative Organizations and municipalities must understand with the people. and if you start to see smoke be able to switch off action immediately, especially the “watershed forest” must take good care of it

“How will this year be dry? The next year, the drought is heavier. Next year, until the dam is dry, if it is not properly maintained, this is what climate change guru Ajarn Seri Supharathit told me. We’ve also been working with him for 20 years, so we have to prepare well.”

The dangers of fighting forest fires: 5 things you need to know

Chatchai said the officers would walk in to put out the forest fire. Make that fire line It’s very dangerous. If there is no body of knowledge to have the right to die It can be exposed to smoke So the first thing to do is

1. Entrance It must be clear There are 2 paths that would be good. For example, if it is a flat forest, a sugar cane forest, and a grass forest, you must walk in to find a rope, flag, or fox to tie’ the tree is clear.

2. Fire engines must not turn their heads inward. you have to step in because when it’s time it is immediately thrown out

3. If there is technology to helpFor example, drones will increase security.

4. How to put out forest fires I will not use water to spray. But it is used to dig the soil and cover it. So, to put out a forest fire in the American way, he will give only a shovel and a rake, each standing 10 meters apart, using a rake to remove grass. stop the fire He can use a rubber slap. As for the water, it will look like a backpacker. I won’t take it in much.

5. There must be support at the command point. especially food supplies because the firefighters in that area need help Some people have wounds, injuries, sick, an ambulance must be ready.

“The most important thing to support is water because rescue firefighters lose a lot of water in their bodies. The forest fire is not extinguished, it is not a problem. First of all, we have to survive. Because at the time of the big wildfire in the United States 30,000 – 40,000 people joined to put out the fire and still couldn’t handle it. We are already gone. On the contrary, if it is ours, there are 100-200 people, the equipment is not ready yet. If I were to recommend it, it’s better to defend and defend better.”

The entire mountain fire could not be extinguished, only protected and made a fire line.

Mr Chatchai said the whole mountain was on fire. what can we do As well as defensive because it is difficult to extinguish It is important that we read the direction of the fire. to protect different areas especially government offices We may use water to sprinkle various buildings.

If the building is still wet and the building was cement. no problem on the contrary if the building is wood and loosen the hydrocarbon, the light will come on, but if the wood is still wet It does not emit hydrocarbons believing that the fire did not spread during construction Prepare the water in the sprayer. Water arrives and sprays

Except, it will be used by the Navy’s C-130, C-Nook, and CL-415 aircraft. It helps disperse water and chemicals When using H. to water the fire. be seen as a defense to support the situation but it will have that effect There must be a process that is actually done because using H. will be able to use about 600-800 liters of water, some of which panting . when watering become some steam Some left at the wrong point, the wind blows some, but if the C-130 can carry 12 tons, but it is a security plane, it will get 3,000 liters.

Ear lobes are hot…they must take a forest fire officer Sense jump

A firefighter over 70 years of experience on the battlefield explains: The forest fire suit differs from the building fire suit because the forest fire suit sometimes does not wear a mask. So, the observation should stay or not. To measure the heat of the earlobe, called if the “hot lobe” is about 60-70 degrees Celsius, it is enough to retreat, or if someone rude can come a little closer, but if the “earlobe” thinner than the face

fire suit of forest fire fighters It’s just a thick canvas Because if you wear a very thick dress it will make you sweat a lot You might faint and faint, so just wear a smoke mask, wear a mask.

“The officers who go in will sweat a lot. need to drink a lot of water One person drinks at least 5-10 liters of water. Hardly pee at all Because it goes with sweat. In addition, you also need to drink mineral water.

What we do is make a line to prevent further burning. or burn important places Not that I do anything. It’s just that the situation arises sometimes. It would be hard to turn it off.

important support effect on firefighting

At the end, Mr Chatchai mentioned what he would like to recommend, which is the country’s forest fire extinguishing plan. Practice is needed or if in some SAO areas where there is random risk, setting up 10-20 temporary water tanks is still good because when there is a problem they send people to different locations

“The most important thing at the time of the incident is to get in and put out the fire. Who will pay… Because money is needed for all work. use support People who go in have to eat, only the cost of food and how much is the cost of equipment. Most importantly, it has not been declared a disaster area yet. I still can’t use the budget. In the past, I had written a plan that The nation must be ready, and the important thing is to build a strong community. If the community is strong, they can help each other because in the past there was no PWA, villagers could still help each other. to study in the United States Still having to use their own capital. The important thing is that the new generation is not interested in this issue. Because what we are going to learn is that we have to let them know about the importance of trees, not necessarily patriotism. love the country just love nature Help each other to take care of the forest, plant some forests, make waterways, turn the area into a siphon. But in our house we only cut wood. We have to help build a strong community.” Director of the Fire Training Institute and advanced rescue, said Tafta.

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