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Developers under Team Ninja team have finally come forward to explain to players what is the difference between the “Nioh” series and the latest masterpiece “Crouching Dragon: Heaven Falls”. This game studio has always been known for its exciting action games, and has launched representative works such as the “Ninja Gaiden” series. In 2017, the team also tried for the first time a difficult RPG game style similar to the “Dark Soul” series in the latest original IP “Nioh”, and achieved excellent results in both evaluation and sales. After that, it’ The game studio has also released action games such as Nioh 2 and Stranger in Paradise: Origin of Final Fantasy.

The many differences between “Crouching Dragon: Heaven Falls” and “Nioh” series.

In a press conference earlier this year, the Team Ninja team officially revealed to players their latest masterpiece “Crouching Dragon: Heaven Falls”, which will not only continue the soulful gameplay and fantasy style of the “Nioh” series, but also The set period of the Three Kingdoms is adopted. Since this work has a fairly fast and smooth fighting style, many players also choose to compare it to “Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice” FromSoftware. In a recent interview with the wccftech website, Fumihiko Yasuda and Makoto Yamaji, the producers of Crouching Dragon: Fallen Heaven, talked about the differences between this work and the Nioh series.

The first difference mentioned by the two producers in this interview is the characters that players can act in “Nioh” and “Crouching Dragon: Heaven Falls” The former is the fixed protagonist William Adams, while the latter is allowing the player to be able to customize the character you want. According to the two developers, the team allowed players to create their own characters and fight against well-known Japanese generals in the subsequent “Nioh 2”, and “Crouching Dragon: Heaven Falls” will continue this idea. Another difference between these two games lies in the “deflection technique” of the game. The Spirit Gauge technology newly introduced to the game in “Crouching Dragon: Fallen Heaven” gives the choice of offense and defense in directly in the hands of the handheld player.

The next third difference is the game’s “loot” system. Compared to the Treasure RPG style of the “Nioh” series, this part will be presented in a simpler way in “Crouching Dragon: Heaven Falls”. The two producers said that such a design can bring better appeal to the new IP “Crouching Dragon: Fall from the Sky”. As for the fourth difference between “Nioh” and “Crouching Dragon: Heaven Falls”, it is the structure of the latter. Although this new work still maintains a task-oriented system, it comes with a larger design open on the map, and Players can also find many unexpected rewards in the process of exploring the level map.

Another new work “Ronin Rise” is also being developed at the same time, but the “Nioh” series has not yet launched a new work plan

In addition to “Crouching Dragon: Heaven Falls”, they also mentioned a little about another new action RPG “Ronin Rise” which is being developed by Team Ninja in this interview. According to them, this new work will bring a more complete open world experience, allowing players to play a ninja who is proficient in various ninjutsu. At the same time, the producers were also asked about the future development of the “Nioh” series in the interview. Although they said that Team Ninja understands that many fans are still looking forward to seeing the series continue to launch new works, they have also confirmed that there are no related plans at the moment.

“Crouching Dragon: Fallen Sky” is expected to be officially launched on March 3 for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S versions, and will be launched on the Xbox Game Pass platform on the same when on launch day.

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