The producer of the famous series “Big Mouth” has revealed that it is possible? After the fans have been waiting for part 2

Goodbye to the screen already forfamous series subject “Big Mouth” which is a crime series on MBC from South Korea that Thai fans have been looking forward to every week. Because it’s exciting and interesting to follow every scene, every episode. In addition, this story has a famous star like “Lee Jong Suk” a “I’m Yoon” or Girls’ Generation’s Yoona rotates to the meeting, with the latest being revealedGraduationViewers all over Korea inThe final was 13.7%, an increase of 1.4% since the previous period. And this is the highest ratings record for the series since it began broadcasting.

It is also 2nd in the Friday-Saturday lot series on the MBC channel. With the highest viewer rating, second only to The Red Sleeve, which did 17.4%, it can be said that the feedback was overwhelming. Fans of the series argued loudly. because I feel like there’s a lot that hasn’t been revealed or resolved yet. So many people are secretly wondering if there will be a season 2 or not.

For Big Mouth, it tells the story of Park Chang Ho (Lee Jong Suk), a young lawyer who rarely wins in legal cases. He was so good in his mouth that he was nicknamed “big mouth” One day he was involved in the murder of the powerful. But then suddenly he was arrested and accused of being a famous scammer that everyone. Calling him a rat, his wife Go Mi Ho (Im Yoon Ah) must try to find out the truth and save her husband from the allegations.

latest page film warehouse Having revealed the information of this series about the tendency to do part 2 of that

The production team of MBC’s Korean crime drama Big Mouth told the media, They have no plans for a second season, even though the drama’s ratings have skyrocketed in popularity with fans across Korea. The production team said It is too early to talk about season 2. We will work hard. and he will come back better


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