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The producer of the “Tales of” series reveals that “new entrants are in the single digit range” in recent years. Prepared to entrust domestic longevity RPG to “Arise” | AUTOMATON

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Yusuke Tomizawa, the current game producer of the RPG “Tales of” series, said on August 20th, the background of the recent development of the series and the new work “Tales of AriseI posted on SNS about my thoughts on.

The “Tales of” series is a domestic RPG series that has released a number of main series and spin-off works from the first work “Tales of Phantasia” released in 1995, and has been walking with deep-rooted fans. The latest series “Tales of Arise” (hereinafter referred to as “Tales of Arise”) will be released in Japan on September 9th this year and globally on September 10th, and it can be seen that series fans are suddenly excited on SNS etc. ..

Meanwhile, Yusuke Tomizawa, who is currently in charge of the “Tales of” franchise, talked about the situation facing the “Tales of” series in recent years and his thoughts on the series. After being involved in the launch of the “GOD EATER” series, he has been appointed as a series producer from “Tales of Vesperia REMASTER”. Currently, he is the general producer who is in charge of controlling the entire “Tales of” brand and promoting the IP strategy, and he is the person who carries the series on his back.

On August 20, Mr. Tomizawa wrote about the series on his Twitter account, saying, “The last few works, new entrants have been in the single digit range.” Although there is a wide range of interpretations for the phrase “the last few works, new entrants are in the single digit range”, the interpretation is that “the percentage of new entrants was small” in view of the context of the posts quoted by the tweet. It seems to be influential.


In other words, as a result of research on the work, it seems that the ratio of new players in the series to the total sales was less than 10%, which was in the “single digit range”. In any case, this tweet by Mr. Tomizawa may contain a sense of crisis about the current situation of the “Tales of” series and a strong determination to liven up the series in the future.

In fact, there are data suggesting that the series may have struggled to acquire new users in the Asian market, including Japan. This is a video of the “Tales of” sales volume ranking released on the official YouTube channel of the “Tales of” series in March this year.

According to the video, the newest of the series in the top 10 sales rankings in Asia is “Tales of Xillia” released in 2011. The top ranks are relatively early works such as “Tales of Destiny”. Since the latest main series such as “Tales of Berseria” is located outside the ranking, it is quite possible that the “Tales of” series was struggling to acquire new customers in recent Asian countries. Be done. In the video, Mr. Tomizawa analyzes that the persistence of fixed-series fans is contributing to sales, saying that “strong users (in Asia) are buying through the series.”

On the other hand, in the worldwide sales including the United States and Europe, the above-mentioned “Tales of Berseria” is ranked high. In addition, considering that relatively recent works are in the top ten, it is considered that there is a slight difference in the entry rate of new users between the Asian region including Japan and other regions. And, in terms of worldwide overall sales, “Tales of Symphonia” released in 2003 seems to be the leader. For Mr. Tomizawa, who currently carries the “Tales of” series on his back, this is a record that he definitely wants to break.

In the tweet mentioned above, he commented on the fact that “the last few works, new entrants have been in the single digit range”, “I was strongly prepared to plan Arise as the Tales brand manager, and it was the background”, and the series brand logo It touches on efforts to create the “future” of the “Tales of” brand, such as the creation of and the reorganization of past works. Also, the latest work “Arise” seems to be planned with an awareness of acquiring a new player base.

In an interview with Bandai Namco Entertainment’s web media “Asobimot,” Tomizawa talks about the goals of “Arise.” He has set goals of “promoting overseas players” and “acquiring young players,” and mentioned the findings that “it is difficult for new players to enter because of the longevity series.” In an interview with Famitsu, he said, “The goal is how to evolve to convey the charm and history of the” Tales of “series that we have cultivated so far to the users of the current generation.” He commented on the evolution of the graphic side. From the contents of each interview, we can see Mr. Tomizawa’s intention to develop a new layer with “Arise”.

In addition, “Arise” seems to introduce a new method not only in the evolution of the main game but also in marketing. Specifically, it is “Amazon free sample tactics”. Currently, it seems that the trial version download code of the same work enclosed in the package is being shipped to many users as a free sample from Amazon.As of writing the article, it is said that the “Amazon trial version” was received on Twitter.reportIs being done one after another, and there are some users who say “the series has not been played”. This effort may also be a way to develop a new player base. A trial version is also distributed for PS4 / PS5 / Xbox One / Xbox Series X | S via each store.

“Arise” that sticks to graphics, strengthens action, and launches into the world. I hope that Mr. Tomizawa’s thoughts will be understood and that the new dawn of the series will be welcomed, as the catch phrase “RPG that tells the dawn of the heart”.

“Tales of Arise” will be released for PS4 / PS5 / Xbox One / Xbox Series X | S / PC (Steam) on September 9th. A trial version is also available for PS4 / PS5 / Xbox One / Xbox Series X | S.


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