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In the online exhibition part of this year’s Taipei Game Show, in the “Taipei Game Show ONLINE Feat. Playing Soup” program on the evening of this (24th), the long-awaited “Ayrton Circle” was broadcasted by many players. And please come to FromSoftware’s North End to talk about the various designs in the game.

First of all, Kitao said that he had the honor to participate in activities in various regions of Asia when “Sekiro” was launched. I was really impressed by the enthusiasm of the players. I hope that if the epidemic eases, it can be promoted everywhere.

First of all, many people know that “Ayrden’s Circle” is a work between FromSoftware and George RR Martin. Kitao said that Miyazaki Hidetaka met George Martin because of “Dark Souls”. However, this time, it was not George Martin who wrote the story of the whole game, but asked him to write the origin of the world of “Eldon Circle”, or the ancient times, which is called the part of mythology, and the subsequent games will be Done by FromSoftware.

The story of “Ayrden’s Circle” is based on the “junction”, which was originally prosperous but gradually became deserted for some reason, and the “faders” who lived outside the junction, the protagonist of this work, suddenly had a similar Apocalypse’s oracle told them to “go to the border and become the king of Eldon”, so the faders came to the border and challenged the demigods to become the king of Eldon.

Kitao said that there are various characters appearing in the work, and a group drama with complex entanglements centered on Ayrden’s Circle is launched. Although the works so far are all like this, this work hopes that the process of players playing can also become a Part of the story, so in this work, instead of using cutscenes to directly tell the player that the story is like this, it uses fragmentary narration to allow players to think about the plot of the story by themselves.

There are three parts in the game, the first is the open scene design, which is full of various dangers. In addition, if you continue to explore the environment, you will find some small and medium-sized underground labyrinths that are well connected. If you don’t go in, it will not affect the progress of the game, but if you go in, there will be terrible bosses, and you can get rich rewards by defeating the bosses.

Finally, unlike these small and medium-sized underground labyrinths, the large-scale labyrinth level “Legendary Ruins” is opposite to the open world. The difference is that this is a three-dimensional and complex labyrinth level, and you can enjoy the exciting and exciting customs clearance process. Whether it is in the open plains or in the legendary ruins, there will be no single event, but a variety of map events full of FromSoftware style will appear at a relatively high density.

In terms of character training, unlike “Sekiro”, which is not a fixed character, this time it returns to the “Dark Soul” series, allowing players to design their own characters, not only appearance, equipment, and ability values ​​can be determined by themselves. So there are different play styles to choose from. And there is not only one type of character. After increasing their respective ability values, you can create characters that are proficient in swords, bows, heavy weapons, magic, and so on.

In addition, this time also introduced elements such as stealth operations, riding, and multiplayer connections.

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Kitao also answered some players’ questions in this video, first of all, “Will “Ayrden’s Circle” change due to different episodes?” The answer is yes, like past works, transfer games with their own characters After saving, enemies will also become stronger. And players can’t clear 100% in the first week, because the game has divergent points in the later stage.

Next is “In the official version of the game, will the position of the enemy change with time and weather?” Kitao said that the position of the enemy itself will not change, but there are still very few enemies that only appear at night. , In addition, the way of playing may be slightly changed due to time and weather. For example, at night, or when it rains heavily, the enemy’s vision will become worse, and it is easier to covertly move without being discovered by the enemy.

The next question is: “Is it possible to move freely between areas from the very beginning? Or do you have to defeat the boss in the area, or you can’t go to the new area?” Kitao explained that the first area is the same as the closed beta. , an area called “Nymgef”, from which the player will start moving.

While not all areas can be accessed from there, there are a few areas that are directly accessible. However, the further away you are from the starting point, the higher the difficulty. Basically, the game is designed so that players can attack freely, and the order of strategy for each location is also decided by the player. Therefore, if the player thinks that this is a bit difficult, they can go to another place to practice and then come back to challenge.


When asked about the full break time, Kitao said: “I think it will vary greatly depending on the player, but our current goal is to keep the mainline-only game time under 30 hours, because the content of the game itself is quite It’s huge, and if you really want to play well, it’s no problem for dozens of hours.”

When asked about the difference between the closed beta and the official version, Kitao said: “In terms of details, there are still many differences, such as the background description of props and other temporary things, so those parts will be different. The distribution of enemies has also changed, as well as NPCs and so on.
There will definitely be characters that are not in the beta version, but are in the official version. “

Kitao also revealed that many opinions collected during the beta test will be revised in an updated way on the first day of the game’s launch, and the team is currently working on this.

“Ayrden’s Circle” will be released globally on February 25, including PlayStation4, PlayStation5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC. In addition to the general edition, a limited edition will also be sold. The limited edition will only provide PS5 and PS4 version.



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