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The realistic 3D adult game “Rise of Eros” was officially launched on EROLABS platform for free download on September 13. The game supports traditional Chinese, and the game can be run stably with Nox Android 9 64bits emulator.

The background of the game “Desire Fantasy” is based on a world that includes the existence of two primordial gods. The goddess “Ephdetti” and the male god “Eros” exist based on the most primitive desires of human beings, but because of infinity. Endless wishes and allowing more gods to appear, too many gods eventually leads to conflict, and then evolves into a war between gods and gods.

According to the description in the game, although the male god Eros was victorious at first sight, he was actually betrayed and sealed, so the whole world became an era without gods. In the process of resurrecting her love , the seal of Eros was accidentally lifted and he was resurrected. In order to regain his strength, the male god began his happy harem life.

Simple and easy to use combat system

According to the architecture of the game system, the battle of “Fantasy of Desire” can be basically divided into: main line, resources, trials, activities, and challenges The main line mode can also be divided into common and difficult according to the difficulty. Chapter 6, as a newly launched new game, the length of the plot opened in the early stage of the game is quite rich, enough for players to experience it in detail.

LINE_ALBUM_Desire Fantasy_220926_26

Since the level of the character is bound to the level of the player’s account, in the early stage of the game, it is necessary to rely heavily on promoting the main line and matching other methods, such as resources, trials, events, challenges and other content to assist in the upgrade. The game requires players to invest in equipment and experience points for the characters. It is not too simple but a fairly intuitive system concept. It is a familiar and clear game design for the part most players.

LINE_ALBUM_Desire Fantasy_220926_51

LINE_ALBUM_Desire Fantasy_220926_52

LINE_ALBUM_Desire Fantasy_220926_50

In the game, players want to increase the strength of their characters. In addition to feeding experience, they also need to collect equipment and strengthen skills. Among them, it is not too difficult to start with experience points. Fixed rewards for most of levels is provided, unless practice It is not difficult enough to hit levels with too high thresholds, or a lack of physical strength, otherwise, in most cases, the player’s progress will not be stuck, and the levels that played can also be swept directly to save time.

Fantasy Desire_Battle_06

Desire Fantasy_Battle_01

Desire Fantasy_Battle_02

Desire Fantasy_Battle_03

Desire Fantasy_Battle_04

Desire Fantasy_Battle_05

Focus on fine art, realistic and powerful, beautiful and practical

As an adult game that focuses on creating a realistic 3D style, “Desire Fantasy” is naturally an elegant HCG 3D art style. Compared to most of the live 2D art modules on the market, this game really delivers on screen. its own characteristics, which are unforgettable and practical.

The art director of The Shadow Studio, the developer, talked about the art design of this work. “Fantasy Wish” uses new technologies and rendering shaders, which can effectively provide a realistic level of emotional expression. When applied to the game, you can see that the movements of the characters are more natural and smooth. The characters not only have detailed expressions, but also the costumes and modeling designs are also top-notch.



Desire Fantasy_Art_03

In addition to its strong art style, the main “Honey Room” of the game is a system that allows gentlemen to freely master happy times.Rhythm to complete the connection between people.

The honey room system of “Desire Fantasy” allows players to freely adjust the position of the mirror and the view to enjoy the private time with the other half. Even if there is no intention to connect, of course not it is a problem to appreciate the physical beauty alone. of the opposite sex.

If you are a gentleman who is too lazy to adjust the settings through DIY, you can also relive the bedroom plots you have experienced in the previous plots through the memory mode. Although it cannot the game 100% allow players to freely adjust the body position, posture and other settings, the current portraits, memories, The free mode is quite enough to meet the expectations of men for double work.





Desire Fantasy_Honey Room_05

“Fantasy Desire” is about the essence of the game. The development team meets the basic gameplay, collection, and freedom to increase players’ interest in the gentleman’s connection. In recent years, as adult games have gradually been listed as key development markets by many teams, There are various noble works of different styles on the market waiting for players to experience them. “Fantasy Wish” shows sincerity with powerful and detailed game art. This is the best work in the second half of 2022 that is worthy of careful attention noble taste.

The black and white monster feast event is underway

The game is currently hosting the event “Black and White Monster Thief Feast”, which will be held between September 20th and October 11th at 11:00. Players can collect event points during the event to get a number of corresponding rewards. designated serial number Lqwnn4UB1Tr before 10:59 on the 30th, and you can receive an extra Dream Crystal x100.

“Fantasy Wish” is currently available for free on the adult game platform EROLABS. Players can go to download the IPA / APK file of the corresponding iOS / Android system and install it on the mobile phone.

Desire Fantasy Official Website


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