The prosecutor’s investigation is not possible, the police investigation is… ‘Wenjudang’ sophistry


Democratic Party lawmaker Park Min-joo said, “The police will investigate,” saying, “The police will investigate.” .

If the Oversight Act is passed, all investigations related to the Moon Jae-in administration and the Democratic Party, which are currently under investigation by the prosecution, will be handed over to the police.

In the political and legal circles, the view that the police are insufficient to take charge of the super-large special investigations such as power and large corporations that have been conducted by the prosecution is absolutely dominant.

Because of this, there is a saying that “the real intention of the Inspector Wan Park is to stop the Democrats from investigating them.”

“I didn’t start the discussion about the scrutiny to protect a specific person.”

At a press conference held at the National Assembly on the 17th, Rep. Park said, “When a case investigated by the prosecution goes to the police, it is said, ‘Isn’t a specific investigation going to be blocked?’ Logically, it’s not like that.” He emphasized, “It’s not that we shouldn’t investigate. The police will investigate.”

Previously, Park Hong-geun, floor leader of the Democratic Party of Korea, proposed amendments to the Criminal Procedure Act and the Prosecutor’s Office Act, which included separation of the prosecution’s investigation and prosecution rights. All 172 Democrats on the bill were co-sponsors.

Article 2 of the Addendum contained in the Amendment to the Criminal Procedure Act stipulates that “in cases where investigations are ongoing by the prosecution at the time the Act enters into force, the district prosecutor’s office that received the case or the local police agency having jurisdiction over the location of the branch office shall succeed.”

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In this case, the prosecution’s investigations aimed at the current government, such as the nuclear phase-out investigation currently under investigation by the prosecution and the blacklist investigation by the Ministry of Industry, will be stopped and the police will take over. This is the reason why there are criticisms that the prosecution is trying to crush the various power-type corruption investigations under the Moon Jae-in administration.

Rep. Park said, “I thought that, as a follow-up measure, the prosecution personnel and police investigation force would be naturally reorganized and the incidental system would be adjusted as well, but there was little change,” said Assemblyman Park. It was to make it happen,” he added.

Representative Park, who attended the meeting, said, “I don’t think the discussion has started in terms of protecting a specific case or person.” claimed that

Expert “There is no choice but to appear in the investigation gap”

Jang Young-soo, a professor at Korea University Law School, said, “The question is whether the police investigation will work properly.” It’s a matter of losing.”

Professor Jang said, “The police have a lot of work to do with the police department, so after the adjustment of the prosecutor’s and police investigation authority over the past year, the amount of investigation has increased, and the prosecution has to personally review the law.” It has to show up,” he said.

Lee Chang-hyeon, a professor at Hankuk University of Foreign Studies Law School, also pointed out in the phone call, “The police are overloaded and can’t handle the current case, but it is difficult to handle large-scale cases such as economic cases.”

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During the phone call, Rep. Kim Woong of People’s Strength criticized Rep. Park’s remarks as “outrageous and shocking excuses.”

Rep. Kim said, “Currently, the investigation record of the Daejang-dong case alone will be tens of thousands of pages, but it will take several months for new officers to properly investigate it. In the process, some cases will exceed the statute of limitations.” He may be able to escape,” he said.

Rep. Kim emphasized, “If the prosecution’s investigation is blocked and a new person takes over the case, the case will inevitably be delayed.”

Earlier, on Facebook, Rep. Kim mentioned Article 2 of the supplementary provisions of the amendment bill and said, “This means that the prosecution is currently investigating the Daejang-dong case, the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy blacklist case, and the Samsung Welstory support case.” “The intention is to openly and publicly announce that the intention is to stop the investigation into them.”

Democratic Party “Han Dong-hoon nomination should be withdrawn”

Meanwhile, at a press conference on the same day, Rep. Min Hyung-bae, head of the Democratic Party’s Personnel Hearing Committee preparation TF, also revealed four reasons why Justice Minister candidate Han Dong-hoon should not become a minister.

Rep. Min previously suggested the possibility of a ‘boycott of the hearing’, saying, “We are considering refusing the personnel hearing itself.”

Rep. Min said, “We didn’t use the term boycott first. It started in the media.” He said, “(One candidate’s) recommendation itself is inappropriate.”

At the same time, Rep. Min mentioned the reasons why a candidate should not become a minister, such as the fact that he was a suspect in the Airborne Service case, that he was a political prosecutor, that he insulted the National Assembly, and that he was arrogant as a member of the State Council.

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“The nomination of a candidate in itself is not a matter for the people,” said floor leader Park, adding, “It is an act of ignoring and denying the National Assembly and the Democratic Party. The official position is that the nomination should be withdrawn.”

In addition, with regards to the Legislative Assembly, floor leader Park said, “In April, the National Assembly reached an agreement to settle this issue.”

Regarding the bill processing process, he said, “It is the principle that we must strictly abide by the procedure in accordance with the National Assembly Act,” he said.

Kwon Seong-dong “Is it a Judang even together?”

The power of the people has surrounded one candidate. People’s Power floor leader Kwon Seong-dong said, “Reasonable criticism is welcome, but please refrain from irresponsible stigma-style political agitation.”

At the party’s supreme committee meeting that day, floor leader Kwon said, “If a serious cause for disqualification is revealed at the hearing, it is not too late to go there and point out the mistakes of the personnel. Verification should take priority over criticism.”

Kwon said, “The Democratic Party is showing an incomprehensible overreaction to a candidate, such as cancer, national personnel terrorism, people in exile, and communication orders,” said Kwon. He avoided public discussion, but this time he is reviewing a boycott of one candidate’s hearings and avoiding hearings.


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