The Provincial Tourism Poverty Alleviation Promotion Conference was held in our city

On November 2, the Provincial Tourism Poverty Alleviation Promotion Conference was held in our city. Provincial Poverty Alleviation and Development Office Party Secretary and Director Shi Bingrui, Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism Party Secretary Song Liping, Provincial Poverty Alleviation and Development Office Deputy Director Guo Kuili, Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism Deputy Directors Li Yanqing and Zhu Jianwei; Municipal Party Secretary Ma Fuguo, Mayor Guo Hao, City leaders Sun Dong and Li Xiaoli participated.

Shi Bingrui emphasized that it is necessary to fully understand the importance of poverty alleviation by tourism, effectively enhance the sense of responsibility and urgency in doing tourism poverty alleviation work, strengthen the style, continue to increase efforts, and strive to push the poverty alleviation work to a higher level. It is necessary to grasp the key links, and on the basis of consolidating the results of poverty-saving, in-depth exploration of resources, perfect the connection of interests, and promote tourism to improve the quality and efficiency of poverty alleviation. It is necessary to strengthen work security, increase capital investment, personnel training, supervision and inspection, etc., to provide strong support for the decisive battle against poverty.

Song Liping pointed out that it is necessary to have a clear understanding of the current situation and tasks, focus on the key issues of tourism poverty alleviation, base on the “six stability” and “six guarantees”, take advantage of policy opportunities, actively cultivate tourism brands, do a good job in feedback problem rectification and improvement, and continue to promote rural Tourism infrastructure construction, improve the station, take responsibility, find the correct positioning, integrated development, compact responsibilities, strict supervision and inspection, full cooperation, cohesion, to ensure the successful completion of the annual goals and tasks.

Ma Fuguo said that in recent years, Hebi has insisted on taking rural tourism as an effective tool to achieve precise poverty alleviation, and actively constructing tourism poverty alleviation projects to enrich the people. Rural tourism has blossomed in many places, tourism poverty alleviation is vibrant, and the tourism industry and poverty alleviation have been achieved. Integration, mutual promotion and common progress. Hebi will thoroughly implement the spirit of the Fifth Plenary Session of the 19th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the spirit of this meeting, earnestly learn from the good experience and good practices of brother cities, continue to explore new tourism poverty alleviation mechanisms, create new tourism poverty alleviation models, and launch new tourism poverty alleviation Products, to achieve the promotion and improvement of tourism and poverty alleviation, and make greater contributions to writing a more brilliant chapter in the Central Plains in the new era.

Li Yanqing read out the “Notice on Identifying Henan Province Tourism Poverty Alleviation Demonstration Counties in 2019” and awarded medals to Henan Province Tourism Poverty Alleviation Demonstration Counties in 2019; Hebi, Linzhou and others made typical speeches.

Before the conference, the participants also went to the No. 5 Valley in Qibin District, Sangyuan Town, Lingshan 5G Town in Qi County, Lingquan Wonderland and other places to observe.



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