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The PS5’s SSD-focused design is “because Epic CEO Sweeney wants it that way.” Deeply involved with Unreal Engine 5-Engadget Japanese version

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Mark Cerny, known as the lead system architect for PS4 / PS5 (also involved in Megadrive’s Sonic the Hedgehog 2), decided that the PS5 design focused on high-speed SSDs. It is said that it is largely due to the request of Tim Sweeney, CEO of Epic Games.

Cerny talks about how the PS5 was designed in a video on TechMedia Wired. Most of them just repeat what was announced, such as GPUs, controllers, and 3D audio, but they also contain some interesting new information.

One of them is the fact that Epic’s Sweeney CEO, who has sent out “Fortnite” etc., strongly requested this technology for SSD, which is one of the biggest features of PS5.

“Since the days of PlayStation 4, there have been requests for SSDs, especially Epic Games founder Tim Sweeney, who says hard disks are a hindrance to the industry,” said Cerny. He read it as “rusty rotating media” rather than HDD. (Developers) wanted an NVME SSD with a read speed of at least 1GB / s. We saw it and decided to make it 5-10 times faster. It’s always good to set high goals. “

In addition, Cerny mentions the new technology “Nanite” of Epic’s next-generation game engine Unreal Engine 5. Nanite enables real-time processing after importing data of a scale that conventional game engines could not handle, such as high-definition assets for movies, and relies on SSD (to read and write data at high speed). It is said that there is.

In other words, it seems that PS5 itself was designed according to the required specifications of Epic and UE5. It seems that the fact that the UE5 demo was first released as “Lumen in the Land of Nanite” for PS5 live operation was not just a PR.

In addition, Mr. Cerny touches on themes that have not been explained in detail so far, such as “invisible compression”, a technology that reduces the file size of PS5. For example, the file size of “Resident Evil Village” has been found to be about half that of the Xbox version for the PS5 version, but this also leads to a reduction in loading time, which is quite interesting.

Speaking of Sweeney, he filed a lawsuit over Apple and the App Store fees, and recently advocated a unified app store that can handle all Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, PC games, and so on. It sounds like a grand idea, but Epic’s UE may now be so influential only in the game engine that is essential for multi-platform game development.

Source:How PlayStation 5 Was Built (feat. Mark Cerny) | WIRED(YouTube)



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