The pupil’s ‘membership company’ debate is in full swing… Lee Seon-hee, who discovered Lee Seung-gi, the reason why the theory of responsibility resurfaced

Singer and actor Lee Seung-gi (pictured right) was suspected of not receiving a single penny from his agency Hook Entertainment for 18 years, and the theory of responsibility for singer Lee Sun-hee (pictured left), who is known to have discovered him, has resurfaced.

On the 5th, on the YouTube channel ‘Baek Eun-young’s Golden Time’, ‘What should I do? Posted the reason why Lee Seon-hee and Patty Kim met… Lee Seung-gi and Lee Chan-won don’t know’.

On this day, Baek Eun-young said about Lee Seon-hee’s appearance on KBS2’s ‘Immortal Song’, which aired on the 3rd, “Lee Sun-hee was quiet before appearing amazingly on air. Patty Kim set the stage after 10 years of retirement, and Lee Seon-hee made a surprise appearance with a bouquet of flowers.” Lee Chan-won shouted, ‘We didn’t know either’.”

He continued, “Lee Seon-hee said on air that Patty Kim was her role model, and that she would go through a similar path to Patty Kim. Lee Seon-hee contacted the production team directly and it was done,” he said, “However, many viewers were disappointed after watching this broadcast. This is because there is a theory that Lee Sun-hee is responsible for the Lee Seung-gi scandal.”

At the same time, Baek Eun-young said, “Lee Seon-hee is a role model for Lee Seung-gi, but he has not expressed any official position on this situation. When the event was at its height, he was forced to appear on public television,” he said. “Of course, this recording was filmed before the event. However, Lee Seung-gi and Hook Entertainment had been going through a conflict before that, so I wouldn’t have known.”

In addition, Baek Eun-young said about Lee Seon-hee, “Before Hook was taken over by Green Snake Media, he worked as a management team as a central artist of Hook. Hook gave away 16.7 billion shares for free,” and “In this process, Lee Sun-hee got the most shares among Hook artists.”

Furthermore, Baek Eun-young said, “Lee Sun-hee is very interested in management. I bought 1.3 billion worth of earned stock in Green Snake Media,” he said. “I became a major shareholder in Green Snake Media. Hiding behind Hook’s shield and hoping this situation will pass, Lee Sun-hee’s theory of responsibility is high. “

Regarding Lee Seung-gi’s situation, Baek Eun-young said, “I think there will be a lawsuit for at least a year.” Is there a quicker solution than a sincere apology and legal compensation?”

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