The Quest for Methuselah’s True Age: Unraveling the Mystery of the World’s Oldest Aquarium Lungfish

It is both fascinating and poignant to consider the longevity of Methuselah, an Australian lungfish residing in the renowned Steinhart Aquarium in San Francisco, California. This remarkable creature has called the aquarium’s display case its home for nearly a century, establishing Methuselah as the world’s oldest known aquarium lungfish.

Methuselah, the reigning octogenarian fish, is a female Neoceratodus forsteri, measuring an impressive 1.2 meters in length and weighing a substantial 40 pounds. Her residency in the Steinhart Aquarium dates back to 1938 when she was transported alongside over 200 other fish from Fiji and Australia.

Surprisingly, none of the current aquarium staff members have witnessed a lifetime as prolonged as Methuselah’s. The exact age of this enduring lungfish remains a mystery due to her arrival predating the employment of the staff. Currently, it is speculated that Methuselah is approximately 84 years old, effortlessly surpassing all other aquarium inhabitants in terms of longevity. Her vitality and affectionate nature, demonstrated by her appreciation for belly rubs from the staff, have garnered admiration from all who encounter her. Consequently, Methuselah’s age has caused perplexity among those fascinated by her presence.

The quest to uncover Methuselah’s true age

Given the intrigue surrounding Methuselah’s age, researchers have embarked upon a mission to ascertain the definitive answer. Their efforts aim to shed light on the extraordinary lifespan of this remarkable Australian lungfish residing in the heart of San Francisco.

It’s sad to think about it, it’s been in one tank for almost 100 years! Methuselah (Methuselah) in a display case at the Steinhart Aquarium in San Francisco. California, United States, experts believe thatThe world’s oldest aquarium lungfish.

Methuselah, the oldest fish in the world It is an Australian lungfish. (Neoceratodus forsteri) female is 1.2 meters long and weighs 40 pounds. Aquarium officials say it first came to the aquarium in 1938 after being shipped with more than 200 other fish from Fiji and Australia.

None of the aquarium staff have lived as long as he did. He came to work and met her. Therefore, it is not certain how old this Methuselah is. Now everyone thinks that she is 84 years old and has been living the longest in this aquarium, and in the past, she has not slowed down at all. She likes having her belly rubbed by the staff. and never hurt anyone Until all the officers liked him That has caused confusion for people about his age.

For this reason, the researchers decided to find out the real answer. How old is this Methuselah?

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