Home News The quorum was insufficient. The opposition quipped the government for not voting on the dangerous substance law.

The quorum was insufficient. The opposition quipped the government for not voting on the dangerous substance law.

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30 Jun 2021 1:11 p.m.

Quorum not complete The opposition quipped the government for not voting on the draft. Hazardous Substance Act In spite of the government’s proposals, the council eventually collapsed and the meeting had to be closed.

On June 30, 2021, Mr. Chuan Leekpai, Speaker of the House of Representatives Presided over the 7th assembly of the House of Representatives (first annual general session) with consultations of members of the House of Representatives. Before entering the agenda to vote Article 6 in considering the draft Dangerous Substance Act (No. ..) B.E. … after the meeting was suspended and resumed before the resolution was passed, Mr. Chuan stated that during the break, he spoke with the officials of the Office of the Commission. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) that came to inform the FDA very much need this law. This law is a government law and is involved in many ministries.

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In the period before the vote, Mr. Kiat Sittheeamorn, a member of the list of MPs. Democratic Party get up and discuss From the last meeting before the adjournment of the Council and asked to bring it back to see it again Which has questioned the Commissioner in Article 6 and reserved the amendment that to hire a natural person or private companies without any binding conditions And having sufficient credibility will be a problem. Moreover, this law is not enforced by only one agency. But there are many agencies that must be used as a guideline for practice. and asked the committee that These are people who are employed as experts without research institutes. How can one be considered a credible expert for the department or relevant agency? Including the private companies involved in the process will be responsible? The answer from the commissioner was that they were not responsible. It’s an unacceptable answer. because there is concern that If this kind of law is passed while other countries When there are restrictions on personnel It will not allow to hire people. especially those who claim to be experts without a reliable research institute to support Including private companies, they can not create credibility for the organization, so they ask the MPs to consider it carefully because if a law of this nature is passed, it will cause damage to the country. Including the credibility of the council as well, so it is necessary to vote against it. But if other members would abstain from voting, they would be happy.

Later, Mr. Chulaphan Amornwiwat, a Chiang Mai MP, Pheu Thai Party, rose up and said: It is an important law proposed by the government. If the government does not adopt this law We can’t take it because the quorum was not reached. Later, Mr. Chuan still pressed the bell to summon members to present themselves again. On the other hand, Mr. Wirot Lakkhanaadisorn, a member of the list of MPs from the Progressive Party, would like to discuss that today the opposition party is trying to perform its duties in House of Representatives Confirm that the party is moving forward and the opposition is ready to act to the best of their ability. And some members of the opposition party proposed the dissolution of the House of Representatives. New elections, then Mr. Paradorn Prissananantakul List of MPs Pride Thai Party Discuss whether this bill is problematic. Therefore, I would like to withdraw first to discuss again. When the draft is complete, it is proposed to reconsider. which the Speaker of the House of Representatives stated that it was a matter of the government.

Finally, at about 11:57 a.m., Mr. Chuan announced the closure of his presence, finding that only 206 people did not form a quorum of 242, so the meeting had to be closed.

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