The rainy season started in professional baseball… Hanwha’s winning streak is getting longer


Hanwha should face an ace pitcher when the game is held

In professional baseball, teams that have lost a long losing streak often become prey to other teams.

Opposing teams are bound to do their best to secure a sure win against a team that is going through a total hardship.

Even in situations where it is usually difficult to get a win, he boldly puts in his power.

So the losing streak is hard.

Loss in a row during the rainy season is even more bitter.

This is because if the match is held irregularly, each team puts all their energy into the game on the day of the match.

Normally, each team sometimes introduces a substitute starting pitcher when the starting pitchers are injured or deteriorated.

Low-ranking teams often take advantage of this opportunity to capture top-tier teams.

However, during the monsoon season, such cases are greatly reduced.

Since games are played sporadically, games in which substitute starting pitchers start disappear, and only games in which core starting pitchers start remain.

Since bullpen pitchers do not play consecutive or three consecutive fights, the victorious bullpen pitchers go all out to play.

During the rainy season, teams with good starting power have an advantage.

A team with a losing streak has a much more difficult game in the rainy season.

The Hanwha Eagles, the bottom-ranked professional baseball team, fell into a long straight losing streak with the rainy season just around the corner.

On the 22nd, Hanwha defeated the LG Twins 5-6 in an away game, completing 10 consecutive losses and using the yoke of ’10 consecutive losses for 3 consecutive years’ for the first time in the KBO league.

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A difficult environment was created for Hanwha to break its losing streak.

Now it looks like opposing teams will put their ace pitchers in full force on match day.

After an away match against LG on the 23rd, Hanwha must go home and play 6 matches against Samsung Lions and SSG Landers.

A few games may be played normally during this period due to the influence of the rainy season, but the fact remains that Hanwha will have to face the opposing team’s ace-class pitcher.

Samsung can put foreign pitchers David Buchanan and Albert Suarez in three consecutive matches against Hanwha due to schedule.

SSG also waits for three consecutive matches with Wilmer Font and Kim Kwang-hyun against Hanwha according to the starting order.

On the other hand, Hanwha doesn’t seem to have a reliable starter.

New foreign pitcher Yelfrey Ramirez was sluggish with 5 hits, 3 4 4 4 runs in 2 ⅓ innings against LG on the 21st, and another foreign pitcher, Felix Pena, has not been able to enter the country yet.

The record for most consecutive losses in Hanwha’s team is 18 consecutive losses set in 2018.

Together with the Sammi Superstars in 1985, this remains the record for the longest losing streak in KBO league history.

Hanwha’s second longest losing streak was 14 consecutive losses from October 3, 2012 to April 14, 2013.

Hanwha has also set records of two consecutive 12-game losses and one 11-game losing streak.

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