The ranks are moving!! Moo Paknam is ranked 32nd in the world after the World Grand Prix battle.

From the results of defeating 3 world champions to being able to reach the Q World Grand Prix battle playoffs, causing Nopphon Saengkham’s “Moo Paknam” to move to 32nd in the world

The world’s professional billiards and snooker association Announcing the latest world snooker rankings “Moo Pak Nam” Nopphon Saengkham A 30-year-old young man from Thailand who has just shown excellent form. Made it to the semi-finals of the World Grand Prix last week. Moved from position 33 to 32 in the world

while “F-1” Thepchaiya One-Noo Another cue player from Thailand, moving from 44th to 42nd in the world. “Jack Saraburi” Dechawat Phumchaeng ranked number 116 in the world

As for the next tournament in the Snooker World Tour, it is a program. “Pull Out 2023” in Leicester, England, winning a total of 171,000 pounds (about 6.84 million baht) between January 25-28, where Nopphon, Thepchaiya and Dechawat are ready to compete. In addition, Thepchaiya was a former champion of this program in a year 2019 too

in the meantime “Saraburi Mink” Natcharat Wongharuthai The beautiful 23-year-old snooker player from Thailand, owner of the 2022 Women’s World Championship, is preparing to compete right in this Shot Out 2023 program as well.

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