The rate of vaccination for “covids vaccination needle to stimulate the elderly” is still low. Reiterating the 31-fold reduction in deaths

The direction of the infected, severe illness and death tends to increase. Remind before Songkran 2022 to speed up receiving the 3-4 injections of Covid-19 vaccine, especially for the elderly after the 3 injections were found, reducing their deaths by 31 times, while only 7 provinces had injections more than 70 percent.

in a statementcovid 19 situationandbooster needle vaccination Dr. Sumani Watcharasin, Director of the Office of Risk Communication and Health Behavior Development Department of Disease Control (Cor.) said that new infected from 21,088 PCR cases fromATK check 18,884 overallInfected personthat are reported at 30,000-40,000 people. There are also a number of infected people who have tested positive for themselves. On average, about 50,000-60,000 cases per day, still in the forecast of the Ministry of Health. 1,862 pneumonia patients, 781 intubated, still tends to increase according to the direction of the number of infected people. Bed occupancy rate in the country picture is 28.3%. The public health system is still able to support most of the critically ill patients. Compared to Apr 2021, it’s much less, but it can’t be underestimated. If it’s not infected, it’s best.
If looking at the provinces with continuous reports of infections It is also a large province and provinces in various regions such as Chonburi, Nakhon Si Thammarat, Samut Prakan, Samut Sakhon, Nonthaburi, Rayong, Songkhla and most Bangkok. The situation at the moment, the number of people infected with pneumonia and death is still in line with expectations. The intubation pneumonia is now between the yellow (medium) and red (worst) forecast lines. The death toll is still at the yellow forecast line. The overall picture is slowly increasing as well.

“Every time the fatalities are reported, most of them are elderly people and have a congenital disease Over a period of more than 3 months, the immunity from the vaccine will gradually decrease. in which the outbreak of Omikron to reduce serious illness and death In addition to personal protection measures, is to get a booster because people get 2 vaccines when they pass. The landscape will gradually decrease. Therefore, getting the 3rd or 4th needle is very necessary to reduce the mortality especially in the 608 group.” Dr. Sumanee said

covid 19 vaccination results Accumulated more than 130 million doses, the first dose accounted for 80.1%, the second dose accounted for 72.5%, and the third dose or more, accounting for 34.6% of the population. At 37.2%, they still had to ask for cooperation to get vaccinated. including those with congenital diseases to receive more byProvinces that have injected needle vaccinations for high-risk groups more than 70% according to the target of 7 provinces, namely Nan, Nonthaburi, Samut Prakan, Phuket, Mahasarakham, Lamphun andChai Nat But there are still many provinces that try to accelerate the injection more and get more than 60% such as Chiang Rai, Phrae, Ayutthaya, Chonburi and Yasothon, etc.

partThe results of the injection in young children 5-11 years. The 1st needle accounted for 45.7%, the 2nd needle accounted for 1.3%, still low during the Omikron outbreak. There are ongoing reports of children being infected. During the semester break, ask parents for cooperation to bring young children 5-11 years to get more vaccines. Currently, there are vaccines approved for safety in young children, namely inactivated vaccines, including Sinovac, Sinofarm, mRNA vaccines, Pfizer orange caps. The Immunization Subcommittee has decided that children 5-11 years old can be vaccinated with 3 formulations, consisting of the first formula, 2 Pfizer doses, 8 weeks apart, the crossover Sinovac/Sinofarm 1 dose and Pfizer colored cap. 2 orange needles 4 weeks apart and 2 inactivated formulations 4 weeks apart and received a Pfizer booster needle 4 weeks apart from the 2 needles.
“In summary, all 3 formulas will increase immunity faster, namely the last 2 formulas because there is only 1 month between the 2 injections. If it’s Pfizer, it’s 2 months apart. Parents, parents, take them to get vaccinated, can ask the hospital near their home. which vaccine is there can be injected, hurry to inject This will reduce serious illness and death,” said Dr. Sumani.
Dr. Sumanee also said it was necessary to expedite the injection of booster needles in the elderly to prepare for the Songkran festival. By analyzing the data of the deaths from January 1 to March 31, 2022, 78% of all deaths were elderly, of 2,701 people. The history of vaccination revealed that 59% were not vaccinated. 29 % received 2 doses of vaccine, 8% received 1 dose and 4% received 3 doses.

Compared with the mortality rate according to the history of vaccination, it was found that Vaccines can very well protect older people from dying from COVID. In those who received two doses, their deaths were 5 times lower, and those who received 3 doses died 31 times less compared to those who were not vaccinated. As for those who received the 4th dose vaccine, no deaths have been reported. Previously, the reported 3rd dose reduced deaths by 41 times, cutting the data to February 28, 2022, and now it has dropped to 31 times. Because immunity over time will be reduced. Therefore, it is imperative that people who have received needle 3 for more than 4 months can receive needle 4.

In conclusion, receiving the booster dose 3 needles reduced the death by 31 times, while the 4th dose, no deaths were reported. Therefore, if receiving needle 2 for more than 3 months, receive needle 3, and receive needle 3 for more than 4 months, receive needle 4, can notify the nearest medical facility to receivebooster vaccine However, after receiving the stimulation needle Immunity will increase 2 weeks after vaccination. Most of the time, the average immunity will be 3-6 months, and after 3 months, the immune system will drop significantly. It is the source that should receive a booster needle,” said Dr. Sumani.
rangeSongkran FestivalLong breaks tend to increase the chances of the situation. Therefore, measures also need to focus on VUCA, including V, should be vaccinated and need to get a booster. In order to reduce severe symptoms and death ,U always remember that people around you may be infected or we ourselves have been infected without symptoms and can lead to close people. must also strict measures to wear masks, stay away, wash hands, don’t go to crowded places, don’t eat food, drink alcohol with a lot of people, C Organization safety measures (COVID Free setting) should be implemented. because the country is open and not locked down or stop working Therefore, organizational measures are important. Organize a work place that is not crowded. And randomly check ATK periodically. When infected people are found, they will go into the treatment system.


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