The rationale why changing the head of public relations in the presidential workplace simply cannot be regarded as a ‘renewal’

President Yoon Seok-yeol changed the PR chief on the 100th working day of his inauguration. This is the initially personnel reshuffle in the experience of very low acceptance ratings for the operation of the government, but critics continue on to issue out that it can’t be thought of a ‘renewal’ as there has been no analysis or reflection on the personnel debate.

This is the second quickest in the history of senior public relations officers given that President Kim Younger-sam. Whilst the initial senior public relations chiefs of the preceding presidents served on normal above a 12 months, Park Geun-hye, who resigned because of to the so-known as ‘Yon Chang-jung incident,’ did not comprehensive 100 times. Choi Youthful-beom, the to start with general public relations main of the latest presidential business office Yoon Seok-yeol, resigned following 103 times as a distinctive adviser for international cooperation.

The substitution of the head of general public relations was rather predictable. Considering that the inauguration of President Yoon, the media business has ongoing to criticize that the concept administration of the presidential place of work is not accomplished as standard, and as the 100th day of his inauguration on the 17th techniques, the concept of reorganization the community relations line has been strengthened. A agent case of President Yoon’s apology was that he was “apologising on behalf of the authorities,” and a consultant from the presidential place of work mentioned, “I really don’t consider it is really the president’s apology,” and then reversed it. It was also thought that the limitations in responding to President Yoon’s comments, which are generally improvised by questions and answers on the way to operate, had been uncovered.

▲ Kim Eun-hye, Senior General public Relations Officer in the Business office of the President. ⓒ Youth Information

The difficulty is that the result in of the argument can not be located in ‘message delivery’ alone. The main of the terrific confusion just after the inauguration of President Yoon was the ‘absence of principles’. △ Controversy around the release of pictures of First Lady Kim Gun-hee on May possibly 31 and controversies about her conduct △ The Ministry of Employment and Labor reverses the 52-hour do the job 7 days reform plan on June 24 △ Controversy about foreign civilians in the course of the NATO tour on June 30 △ Park Shortly-ae on July 5 President Yoon’s remarks to the deputy key minister of culture and education and learning, “Have you ever viewed such a excellent human being among the the previous ministers appointed by the govt?” and the resignation of previous deputy key minister Park and the reversal of the instruction process reform bill on 29 July. There has never ever been a definitive rationalization for any of these and other arguments.

There was no obvious rationalization for the substitute, as the head of general public relations, as President Yoon’s very first staff reshuffle. In a press conference on the 100th working day of his inauguration on the 17th, President Yoon said, “I intend to study in depth what form of establishments and policies and what problems there are in the system of implementing and implementing these responsibilities and what problems there are. in interaction.” The upcoming working day, right before the appointment of the head of community relations, Main of Employees Kim Dae-gi, in a briefing that formalized the substitute of the head of general public relations on the 21st, he only mentioned that the primary reason for the appointment was “there is an knowledge the president’s philosophy of state affairs is higher”.

This appointment is not free of charge from criticism that President Yoon appoints a controversial determine or a man or woman near to the president for critical positions. Kim is a suspect in the investigation associated to a report on lessening properties lifted in the procedure of working as a applicant for Gyeonggi governor in the final regional election, and suspected involvement in the solicitation of new staff members in the management of KT. The presidential workplace introduced Kim’s appointment, stating that he would realize President Yoon’s intentions perfectly with no any explanation or persuasion system. This is the reason why there was a reaction from the opposition expressing, ‘What variety of renewal is the nuclear tube together with the nuclear officer’ (Park Hong-geun, ground chief of the Democratic Social gathering of Korea on the 22nd).

▲ Catch some of the reports related to the renovation of the president's office
▲ Catch some of the reports relevant to the renovation of the president’s business

Amidst this, rumors of a ‘massive renewal’ of the presidential workplace are leaking by some media. On the 22nd, the JoongAng Ilbo, citing a senior passport formal, mentioned, “We will closely analyze no matter whether there are any problems with the effectiveness of personnel who entered by way of the ‘Yun Hak-kwan’ (President Yoon’s critical formal) line or other magic formula lines amid the secretary-level and down below, and progress with even more reorganization.” as an illustration. On the similar working day, the Segye Ilbo also announced that the presidential workplace had begun an investigation into Yun Seok-yeol, the camp’s previous secretary.

On the 23rd, the JoongAng Ilbo claimed all over again on the plan that “we are operating tough for an outstanding appointment” by borrowing the words of “a higher-rating lady who was in the presidential campaign for President Yoon”. In the scenario of Income Right now, the president’s place of work explained it was “having willpower” and explained that ‘the initially team to be sacked’ could occur. This is also a report from an anonymous officer.

On the other hand, the president and the president’s office have in no way clearly declared a system for staff renewal. On the 21st, only Chief Secretary Kim’s responses that “organizations are dwelling organisms” are repeated. It is unreasonable to see the scenario where only data about inspections is leaked anonymously with no acknowledging the personnel problem or denying the desire or want for personnel reorganization.

▲ President Seok-Yeol Yoon answers questions from reporters on the way to the presidential office in Yongsan, Seoul.  photo = president's office
▲ President Seok-Yeol Yoon solutions questions from reporters on the way to the presidential business office in Yongsan, Seoul. photograph = president’s office environment

At a briefing at the president’s office environment on the 23rd, Kim Eun-hye, a senior community relations officer, said, “It appears to be inappropriate for me to mention inspection. In specific, I feel it is suitable to glimpse into the presidential office environment initial. For the reason that the additional I am in a placement to make your mind up the affairs of the point out for the folks, the additional I imagine I need to have to be chilly-hearted and cold-hearted to myself.”


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