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The Razer Zephyr mask with RGB is officially on sale for $100

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More than half a year after its initial appearance, Razer’s Zephyr light pollution mask is now officially on sale. On the U.S. official website, you can already find a single mask product priced at US$100 (about 640 yuan) and a Starter Pack for US$150 (about 960 yuan). The latter will also include 3 more single items besides the mask Replacement filter for US$30 (approximately RMB 190).

But so far, the Starter Pack has been sold out, and the mask itself shows “coming soon.” Obviously, this product with N95 protection, 99% BFE, anti-fog coating and most importantly RGB lighting, still has a very good appeal in the current market. Razer’s decision to transform it from a conceptual design into a finished product seemed a good bet. Although the epidemic has been going on for a long time, Razer is still expected to get a good return. (Because the epidemic does not seem to be over…)

renew:The price of masks from Bank of China is 999 yuan.

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