The real estate market is open… Welcome to Pyeongtaek and Anseong

“Regulation linked to reversing discrimination in the metropolitan area”… The growth of transactions with ‘high interest rates’ needs to be watched

Pyeongtaek and Anseong, Gyeonggi Province, released from the real estate adjustment zone after two years and three months, welcomed the government’s adjustment proposal, saying the stagnant real estate market would be revived.

The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport held this year’s 3rd Housing Policy Discussion Committee at the government center in Seoul on the 21st and decided to adjust the regulated areas from the 26th.

With this modification, Pyeongtaek, Anseong, Yangju, Paju, and Dongducheon in Gyeonggi Province were removed from the area subject to modification.

In Pyeongtaek, in addition to the developed areas such as Godeok New Town and Jije Station, undeveloped areas in the western area were also linked to the same regulations, so there were not a few voices demanding the lifting of the regulations, mainly from the local area. residents.

Accordingly, the city of Pyeongtaek has proposed eight times to the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, asking the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport to be released from the area subject to adjustment taking into account regional characteristics such as urban complex -rural and relocation of USFK bases.

Pyeongtaek Mayor Jang Jeong-sun said, “The local real estate market has been forced to contract due to loan regulations and transfer tax increases. I wish you well,” he said.

An official from a real estate agency in Godeok New Town, Pyeongtaek said, “During the last 5 months, there has been no transaction to the extent that there has not been such a thing as a single sale or transaction. “He said.

“However, although loans have become possible, the high interest rate situation remains, so we will have to wait a little longer to find out if it will work as something positive for the real estate market,” he added. .

Real estate agencies in the Godeok New Town area are already receiving calls for inquiries immediately after the government’s adjustment plan was announced in the afternoon.

Anseong City, which has argued that it was incorporated into the regulatory target because it was subject to reverse discrimination because it was in the metropolitan area, although it did not meet the requirements of the area to be modified by the Housing Act. , also welcomed the government’s adaptation plan.

After the entire Anseong area was tied to the adjustment target area in June 2020, in December of the same year, six months later, some myeon areas were first released from regulation.

However, since urban areas such as Gongdo-eup and Anseong-dong were still bound by regulations, even unsold newly built apartments continued to rise.

Newly built flats that are sold on public roads are also unsold, and there are voices of expectation that lifting the regulations will work as a positive factor.

An official from a real estate agency in Gongdo-eup, Anseong said, “There were many complaints that it was included in the regulation although it is difficult to see it as an area subject to modification in Anseong.

Anseong city official said, “With the lifting of this regulation, various regulations such as strengthening housing loans and taxation and restrictions on resale will be eased, and the local real estate market is expected to revive.”

According to the comprehensive housing sales price index, published monthly by the Korea Real Estate Agency, which indexes the housing sales price nationwide, Pyeongtaek City’s sales price index fell from 110.6 in June and 110.8 in July to 110.4 in August, with a rate change of -0.3 in August.

The trading price index is an index that measures the change value by setting the selling price as 100 in June last year.

Anseong City maintained a trading price index of 111.3 in June and August, and the rate of change in August recorded -0.08.

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