“The real reason why I gave Ji Suk-jin the honorary employee award instead of the grand prize”… spreading rapidly

The controversy over the ‘2021 SBS Entertainment Awards’ is not going away easily.

Gi Seok-jin, who was a strong candidate for the grand prize, was given the ‘Honorary Employee Award’. Ji Suk-jin is contributing to the program as the eldest member and eldest member of SBS ‘Running Man’, which started broadcasting in 2010.

When Ji Suk-jin won the ‘Honorary Employee Award’ at the SBS ‘Entertainment Awards’, Lee Kyung-gyu is getting angry saying it is an absurd award / hereafter SBS ‘Entertainment Grand Prize’

Ji Suk-jin, who received the Honorary Employee Award at the ‘SBS Entertainment Awards’ on the 18th, seemed a bit bewildered, “I have been to many awards ceremonies, but I think this is the first honorary employee award. said

He continued, “Next year will be my 30th anniversary. After 30 years, I have a stable job and I think it’s really good.

at the SBS Entertainment Awards
Ji Suk-jin, who won the ‘Honorary Employee Award’ at the SBS Entertainment Awards

Lee Kyung-gyu, who heard Ji Suk-jin’s words, was angry and said, “Even if I give it, I won’t accept it. Isn’t it like I’m telling you to leave?”

Kyung-gyu Lee displeased with the ‘Honorary Employee Award’ / gfycat (SBS Entertainment Awards)

However, Ji Suk-jin said, “Kyung-gyu-nim, this is a remark that insults the SBS awards ceremony. Who doesn’t receive such a wonderful award? I will take comfort in seeing Tak Jae-hoon who won the ‘Journey’. If you have anything to say to Lee Ina, I will meet directly with you and try to solve everything. Thank you very much for the honorary employee award.

Ji Suk-jin smiles when Lee Kyung-gyu gets angry
Ji Suk-jin smiles when Lee Kyung-gyu gets angry

In the midst of this, on the 19th, a bitter article was posted on the community Theku that criticized the ‘SBS Entertainment Awards’, and it is spreading rapidly. Here was a column written by OSEN’s reporter that day. The reporter analyzed the background that SBS gave Ji Suk-jin the ‘Honorary Employee Award’, which is also a rare name, instead of the grand prize.

The reporter said, “Especially, the ‘Honorary Employee Award’ in the list of awards on this day made viewers tilt their heads. It is ambiguous to give the grand prize and the grand prize by creating an ‘employee prize’, and I am sorry to send it back empty-handed, so it raises questions about whether it is given in a way that matches the assortment.”

He continued, “I have to take care of one award, and the co-winner is noticing, so it was probably the ‘Honorary Employee Award’. Although it gave meaning to the award of ‘Miu Bird (My Little Old Boy)’ by saying it was ‘the first team grand prize’, it seems that the ‘Team Grand Prize’ was awarded to ‘Miu Bird’, which is a good player in viewership, because there was no outstanding performance in the first lecture this year.” He added. (View full column content)

Ji Suk-jin
Ji Suk-jin is wearing an ‘Honorary Employee ID’ around his neck.

‘My Little Old Boy’ MC Shin Dong-yeop received the grand prize at the ‘SBS Entertainment Awards’ on the same day and said, “I’m sorry (for receiving the group award). He talked about how he felt about winning the award.

Netizens who saw the column commented, “I think it’s something that Ji Suk-jin wouldn’t be able to do. It would have been better if he just didn’t give it to him.” It seems that they are making the award funny. Even if it is an entertainment award, shouldn’t it be given a mischievous award?” (View all comments)

Ji Suk-jin
Jae-Hoon Tak and the members of ‘Running Man’ listening to Ji Suk-Jin’s ‘Honorary Employee Award’

The Coo netizens also shared a conversation he had with Tak Jae-hoon on SBS ‘Dolls for Men’, which aired last month, saying, “Jang Dong-min predicted the SBS Entertainment Awards in advance.” (See related article)

In the broadcast at the time, Tak Jae-hoon said, “At the SBS Entertainment Awards, viewers asked if I could win the second grand prize. Last year, I received the Scene Stealer Award as a reference.” Then Dongmin Jang responded with a joke, saying, “It’s a forced award. It’s an award that you don’t want to get ripped off. SBS is so obscene.




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