The reality-themed masterpiece “Big Exam” was launched, and the three generations of old, middle-aged and young people performed “group portraits” live.

The reality-themed masterpiece “Big Exam” was launched, and the three generations of old, middle-aged and young people performed “group portraits” live.

2022-09-22 19:27:54Source: Xi’an News Network

The reality TV series “Big Exam” will be broadcast on Dragon TV on the 21st. The drama brings “old drama bones” Chen Baoguo and Wang Qianyuan, young actors Li Gengxi, Hu Xianxu, Rong Zishan, and powerful actors Guo Tao, together. Liang Jing, Yan Bingyan, Wang Xiao, Group portraits of 26 figures including Cao Xiwen and Lan Yingying.

“Yr Arholiad Mawr” tells the story of the students, educators, and parents of the students in the college entrance exam who united as one to overcome the double test of the epidemic and the flood, and who managed to pass the college entrance exam. the young spirit.

“Character group portraits” are vivid and three-dimensional to move people’s hearts

In the main poster of “The Big Exam”, Shi Aihua (played by Chen Baoguo), the former headmaster of No. 4 Middle School, Wang Benzhong (played by Wang Qianyuan), the headmaster of No. 1 Middle School, Tian Wenwen (played by Li Gengxi), left girl behind, Zhou Bowen (played by Hu Xianxu), “student master”, and Wu Jiajun (played by Rong) Zi Shan), walking on the road facing the rising sun. they encountered special circumstances such as epidemics and floods, all of them still moving forward with their heads held high and in high spirits, showing the positive energy of play, fairness and justice, and full of light. The word “big exam” in the play’s title is striking and obvious, vaguely reflecting elements such as the school scene in the play. The posters have a large area of ​​empty space, a strong visual effect, and make people feel incomplete, and also make the “big exam” atmosphere lively on paper, making the audience full of expectations for the drama.

“Yr Arholiad Mawr” focuses on depicting the principal, teachers, students, parents, doctors, police officers and other rich and vulnerable characters. These characters are full of three-dimensional and distinctive features, showing the spirit of ordinary people who are not they are afraid of danger and on in the face of the power of the “Big Exam”. As a true portrait of Chinese families in the new era, “Da Kao” is a “group portrait masterpiece” with depth, breadth and touching people’s hearts.

The four big scenes reproduce the serious test of the “big test”

“Major Exam” tells the story of the sudden outbreak of the epidemic on the eve of the Spring Festival in 2020. With the joint efforts of the party, the government and all sectors of society, senior high school students, teachers and parents in Jinhe County jointly overcome difficulties, overcome sudden floods, and finally successfully complete the “big exam” story. The trailer reveals that under the four key scenes of the “big test”, the young generation actively moves forward and lives up to their young spirit, as well as the warm power of the whole society to unite and help exam college entrance.

First of all, in the tense “college entrance exam” scene, students study hard and use their own efforts to achieve their ambitions and life goals. Secondly, under the “college entrance exam under the epidemic”, the rhythm of study and life for the candidates was disrupted. Teachers, students and parents faced difficulties of closure and control, and they made joint efforts to face the big exam. Again, under the special scenario of the “delayed college entrance exam”, the younger generation can stand the test of time, work hard and overcome obstacles to their dreams. Finally, in the urgent scenario of “college entrance exam under the flood”, candidates and teachers responded positively, they were not afraid of difficulties, overcome environmental and psychological factors, and presented satisfactory answers to the big test.

Based on the true spirit of Acura’s “big test” in the new era

“Big Exam” is a realistic drama series that focuses on college entrance exams and applicants, epidemics and natural disasters, and focuses on students, families and campuses. The “big test” is a big test for students. Faced with difficulties such as sudden epidemics, lockdowns and online classes, candidates study hard, work hard, reconcile the family relationship and the contradiction between themselves and their parents, re-understand themselves, and face the college entrance exam A generation of brave struggle, perseverance, and spirit of living up to the youth. The “big test” is a big test for teachers. Education practitioners are actively responding to the epidemic and sounding the college entrance exam horn. They undertake important tasks bravely and come up with various plans to solve various problems in study and life for students, and fully accompany students to realize the dream of college entrance examination. The “big test” is a big test for parents. Parents spend their time and energy to help the test, and support their children with supervision, companionship and encouragement. Family members love each other, support each other, and give their emotional strength to play the role of “runners who accompany them”.

“Mawr Exam” depicts the college entrance exam in the new era with the life of ordinary people, showing the positive energy of contemporary young people’s self-confidence, tolerance, fearlessness, responsibility and the responsibility of God’s film work.

Zhang Jing, an all-media reporter from Xi’an Newspaper Industry

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