The reality-themed TV series “Spring Breeze and the South Bank of the Green River” is about to premiere – Xinhua

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Guided by the Propaganda Department of the Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee of the Communist Party of China and the Zhejiang Provincial Radio and Television Bureau, produced by Zhejiang Radio and Television Group, Zhejiang Film and Television (Group) Co., Ltd., the Propaganda Department of the Lishui Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China, Zhejiang Tourism Investment Group Co., Ltd., Blue Star Film Co., Ltd., etc. The key TV drama “Spring Breeze and Green River South Bank” jointly produced by the unit was officially announced today and will premiere on Zhejiang Satellite TV and Jiangsu Satellite TV next Wednesday (May 25).

“Spring Breeze and Green River South Bank” is produced by Yang Yang as the producer and chief producer, Ye Jinjun as the producer, directed by Huang Kemin, screenwriter by Ji Feng, starring Gao Xin and Xu Baihui, starring Huo Qing, Liu Yuanyuan and Zhai Xiaoxing, and Han Tongsheng , Yao Anlian and Liu Peiqi made special appearances. The play tells that Yan Donglei, the secretary of the Jiangnan County Party Committee who took office, led the team members, adhered to the “people’s interests first” view of the masses, optimized the development environment, strengthened the construction of the party’s grass-roots organizations, carried out a performance revolution, and promoted the construction of “ecological civilization”. In the work, insist on relying on the masses of the people, consciously strengthen the ideological, political and work style construction of the “key minority”, lead the cadres and masses of the county to embark on the path of common development, renew the hometown, and play a colorful movement.

The play has been selected into the third batch of list of 100 key TV dramas of the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television from 2018 to 2022, the 2021 Cultural Industry Development Special Fund of the Central Propaganda Department to promote the development of the film and television industry, and the Zhejiang Province 2019 Literature and Art Industry Fund Development Support Project, and China Television Artists Association, China Federation of Literary and Art Circles Television Arts Center 2021 Key Reality TV Drama Script Creation Project, etc.

This is a sincere work of “Made in Zhejiang” with the charm of Jiangnan and full of green spring. In the official poster released a few days ago, Jiangnan County is shrouded in a dense mountain fog, surrounded by meandering rivers and green forests. The title of the play “The South Bank of the Green River” is well-known. In the preview of the set file, Gao Xin, Xu Baihui, Huo Qing, Liu Yuanyuan, etc. starred, Han Tongsheng, Liu Peiqi, Yao Anlian and other old actors appeared one after another. Although it was only a few minutes, the whole drama was compact, agile, fast-paced and strong. The plot is already evident. In the shaping of the main characters in the play, the images of “weiguangzheng” and “gao daquan” have been abandoned. Each character has its own personality, which is vivid and fleshy. fusion.

Yang Yang, the producer and chief producer of the play, said, “I hope to interpret a high-position, high-quality play that reflects the spirit of the times with stories that are vivid, vivid, and close to people’s livelihood, as well as lovable, credible, and approachable characters. , which is also the consensus reached by the producer and all the main creators.”

The director of the play, Huang Kemin, is a national first-class director who is good at expressing delicate human nature and real images. He said: “We have adopted a documentary narrative technique in the creation, presenting a real and strongly immersive image style.”

Gao Xin, who plays the leading actor and county party secretary Yan Donglei, said that he wanted to start from the most authentic perspective when he tried this type of role for the first time. The image of the party’s grass-roots leadership has the same joys and sorrows as the common people, with hesitation and confusion, but it is more about perseverance, progress and dedication”; the role of Yu Hong in the TV series “The World” made the audience even more impressed. The profound and famous actor Xu Baihui, this time turned into an elite woman, played the role of returnee entrepreneur Su Xiaolan. She bluntly said that this role has a “strong sense of social responsibility, responsibility and pattern” charm, which is the main reason to attract her to play.

Different from other reality-themed TV dramas, this drama tries its best to restore the different performance environments of party organizations at the city, county, town, and village levels, and integrates era issues such as “beautiful village construction”, “poverty alleviation first”, and “government efficiency reform”. , subtly integrated into the play with subtle and silent artistic means, highlighting the value of the times and practical significance, and seeking to arouse the audience’s resonance.

On May 25th, Zhejiang Satellite TV and Jiangsu Satellite TV will be locked in the prime time. Let us look forward to this group of grassroots cadres in the new era in the warm spring breeze, and see how they are dedicated to their hometown. Forward.

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