The Reason for Baltimore's Dying (in 1 Chart) t

The Reason for Baltimore's Dying (in 1 Chart)  t

Baltimore is aware of his poor economic situation and lack of opportunities for many of his residents. The problem is that taxes are too high.

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The District of Columbia produces an annual study that compares state-local taxes of hypothetical families at five income levels in the largest city of each state plus D.C. The study includes state and local sales, property, individual income, and automobile taxes. The chart below shows annual taxes paid by Baltimore households compared to the average of 51 cities in the study.

At each income level rather than the lowest, Baltimore's taxes are at least 46 percent higher than the average of 51 cities. In fact, Baltimore has the 3rd highest taxes in the 51 cities at all income levels except the lowest. Income tax and property taxes are particularly penalized in Charm City.

At each income level rather than the lowest, Baltimore taxes are about twice higher than some of the lowest tax cities in the study as Seattle. Twice as high! What do city officials do with all of that money?

This was first seen on the CATO website here.


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