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China was very wary of acquiring Japanese submarines

2023.3.23 (Thursday)
Atsushi Kitamura



Collins-class submarines of the Australian Navy. It is expected to become obsolete in the early 2030s as it ages (Photo: Royal Australian Navy)

(Atsushi Kitamura: Military Sociologist)

On March 13 (US time), US President Biden, UK Prime Minister Sunak, and Australian Prime Minister Albany Zi gathered in San Diego, home of the US Navy’s Third Fleet, to address the US’s most trilateral concerns -UK-Australia military alliance “AUKUS.” The Australian Navy has announced a policy to acquire the next generation of submarines.

The outline of the submarine program according to the joint statement issued by the leaders of the United States, Britain and Australia is as follows.

(1) Based on the next generation attack submarine that the UK is promoting, the US will cooperate with the technology to develop a new attack submarine, the SSN-AUKUS, for the Australian Navy.

(2) A new UK designed and built attack submarine will be in the hands of the Royal Navy by the late 2030s. The first SSN-AUKUS will enter service with the Royal Australian Navy in the early 2040s.


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