The reason why YouTuber Song Ji-ah (Freesia)’s father’s job became a hot topic

The reason why YouTuber Song Ji-ah (Freesia)’s father’s job became a hot topic (Photo-Song Ji-ah’s Instagram)

Suspicions surrounding the father of YouTuber Song Jia (Freesia) are spreading.

Song Jia, who recently announced a suspension of activities due to the fake controversy, said in a video on the 25th, “Please stop criticizing my family.”

As a result, Song Jia continued to demand clarification regarding suspicions about her father’s job, which she had been constantly releasing episodes of.

Song Ji-ah’s father was known as a dentist, but recently, a number of articles were posted on various online communities stating that Song Ji-ah’s father was a worker in an entertainment establishment.

Articles were posted on the community etc. stating that Song Ji-ah’s father played a role in managing and linking with other establishments in the Busan area.

In addition, there have been eyewitness accounts of him recently opening and operating an entertainment establishment, causing a wave of repercussions.

Previously, former reporter Kim Yong-ho said in a live broadcast on the 23rd, “I know what Song Ji-ah’s father is doing, and he knows how he raised his daughter.” .

In response to these allegations, Song Jia temporarily suspended her activities with a request to refrain from accusing her family.

However, as it became known that Song Jia made her YouTube video for a month on the 24th and processed the video privately on the 25th, criticism from fans continues.



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