‘The Rebirth of the Family’ Lula Ji-Hyun Kim, the story of the family tree to prevent disease?

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Lula Kim Ji-hyun appears in’The Rebirth of the Family’.
At 9 am on the 25th, singer Kim Ji-hyun appears and plays an active part in the immunity strengthening special feature of tvN’s’Rebirth of the Family (Director Hee-Hyun Moon, Su-Hyun Kim)’.
‘Family Rebirth’ is a health restoration project for the whole family that analyzes the family’s eating habits and lifestyle habits and gives appropriate prescriptions based on the family history. Every Wednesday at 9am, viewers visit viewers with a variety of solutions to prevent diseases that have passed down the generations, such as high blood pressure and diabetes.
Singer and actor Kim Ji-hyun will appear as guest in the 2nd episode of immunity strengthening. Kim Ji-hyun is said to have created laughter with more sincerity than anyone else in preventing family history, including drawing the family tree of diseases of the whole family. Comedian Shim Jin-hwa is also expected to burn his passion for health protection from the beginning, saying, “I always doubt, manage and live because of my family history.”
Nowadays, immunity has become the biggest concern for the young generation beyond the middle and old age,’Rebirth of the Family’ is going to introduce a lifestyle-specific prescription to strengthen immunity. Analyzing the lifestyle habits of menopausal patients one by one, finding hidden problems in their lives and providing appropriate advice. Today’s broadcast raises expectations by predicting solutions that can be easily performed anytime, anywhere, such as daily exercise and hand massage.
The whole family health recovery project tvN’Family Rebirth’ is broadcast every Wednesday at 9 am.
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