The Red Bull F1, 2023 F1 “RB19” machine retains a concept[]

Red Bull F1 chief technology officer Adrian Newey says his design department has faith in a concept that has rewarded the team so much this season, and will continue with the 2023 F1 RB19 car.

Red Bull Racing has secured the Drivers’ and Constructors’ Championships in 2022 thanks to the technical excellence of the new generation RB18, with 17 wins for both drivers, with Verstappen enjoying 15 of them.

A new season will inevitably bring new ideas, and while Red Bull Racing will undoubtedly introduce a fair amount of innovation when it brings its 2023 F1 RB19 machine to the track, a basic design the car remains the title of the year Adrian Newey says there is no fundamental departure from the winning machine, the RB18.

“We know our concept best and we will continue to develop it,” Newey told Auto Motor Und Sport.

“But I dare not say whether our method is the best. It is quite possible that there is someone around the corner with a better idea.”

Adrian Newey was not a fan of the new F1 regulations when they were first announced because he thought the rules were too prescriptive.

But when the team unveiled its designs last winter, the set of ideas presented was more diverse than expected. This meant there was no universal design approach, and innovative concepts and solutions such as ‘blow diffusers’ could be hidden under the body. And that will still be true in 2023.

“It means none of us are completely right, there has to be something better,” Newey said.

“Wings and sidepods can never be separated. Everything just works as a package.”

“Ferrari sidepods don’t fit our underbody and vice versa. It’s always about these elements.”

“Where we will end up when developing our own concept is still unknown. Perhaps another concept today is still behind but it has much more development potential.”

“Think of the double diffuser. The gap in the transition from floor to step was always there. Nobody discovered it.”

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