The Red de Músicas de Medellín will bring free concerts to the entire city

As of Thursday, June 1, the Red de Músicas de Medellín will take over the communes and corregimientos with “Suenan los territorios”, a strategy with which music will be taken to the different areas of Medellín.

There will be around 38 presentations that will move through the 16 communes and three corregimientos. Thus, citizens will be able to enjoy a varied artistic display.

What will the tour be like?

The musical journey begins on Thursday at Casa El Jordán, located in Robledo. Afterwards there will be presentations almost every day until ending July 11 in the auditorium of the Adventist University in Laureles. The entire route can be viewed on Instagram @redartesmedellin.

Each of the 27 schools and the 11 groups integrated into the Music Network have the commitment to return a musical sample to the community, for which they carry out territorial management to carry out a presentation for the public. In that sense, this is the result of the effort of the network itself.

Miguel Ángel Sánchez, a member of the network of the Doce de Octubre commune, recounted: “In these meetings they try to find that the community and the network generate those community spaces so that families, people from the sector, among other things, go to each one of the events that take place in it, be they concerts, musical shows, talks, etc.”

The repertoire of each group must be in accordance with the degrees of difficulty and requirements of the study plan according to the project of your school.

It should be remembered that on Instagram @redartesmed people can find the times, days and places of the artistic shots.

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