The Red Sleeve continues to be hot! Successfully achieved ratings through the 2-digit wall.

Romance retro series The Red Sleeve MBC’s up-and-coming drama ranks among the most popular series currently in South Korea. is accelerating the addictiveness with a variety of fun until able to freeze the audience’s ratings through the 2-digit number successfully

Reference from Nielsen Korea Broadcasting episode 7 of the series. The Red Sleeve On the night of December 3rd can set a new record since on air with an average rating of 10.7% from viewers across the country This is the first time in the series that it has successfully broken the double-digit barrier for nationwide ratings. In addition, the latest broadcast of this episode was able to achieve a record double, from the ratings of 5.7% in the premiere of the first episode in just 3 weeks of airing.

The Red Sleeve It is based on the novel of the same name. Writer Kang Mi Kang popular It presents a courtly love story between a Joseon king who values ​​the country more than love, and a court woman who wants to protect her chosen life. through the story of Lord Jeongjo (Isan) who wanted a woman in the royal court that he loved to become a concubine But that woman refused because she wanted an independent life. because he knows that being a concubine does not bring happiness However, she eventually became the concubine of King Jongjo.

The Red Sleeve Broadcast every Friday – Saturday on MBC channel. You can wait to watch Thai subtitles at VIU.

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