The Reds won 100%, Ibra broke down! 5 issues, Liverpool invaded Milan, lost the Champions League.

Liverpool eventually became the first English team to win 100 per cent in a row. Champions League Group stage with a breakthrough to defeat AC Milan 2-1 in the recurring match on Tuesday night, Dec 7.

Despite having rotated as many as eight teams and conceding goals first, the Reds were clearly superior to the Black Devils, with Mohamed Salah setting a new record with equalizing goals while Dev. Ak Origi netted another goal for the second time in a row, leading the team to take three points from the San Siro.

And here are 5 things that deserve to be discussed in this game.

1. Alisson in goal for Liverpool for the 150th game

Although the Reds have made it to the last 16, but German coach Jurgen Klopp made a surprise for sending the Brazilian national team goalkeeper to the post despite rotating the team in various positions.

That means Alisson, Mohamed Salah and Sadio Mane are the three players from the Premier League win over Wolves that have started against AC. Milan concludes the group stage of the Champions League trophy.

However, Alisson was wearing the captain’s armband in this game, so it’s clear Klopp wants him to take on the role of the youngster.

Meanwhile, the bearded goalkeeper is also becoming more and more influential in the team, as can be seen from the Reds’ signing of former Brazil goalkeeper Claudio Tuffarel as his coaching staff at Anfield. dank

2. Nat Phillips’ Big Night

Even jumping up to the first team of Liverpool since the previous season. But it is difficult for Phillips to secure a place in the real team.

As a result, Klopp made it clear a few days ago that Phillips would leave on loan in January for more playing time.

Still, before leaving Anfield temporarily The 24-year-old English star has been given the opportunity to play at the San Siro.

And more importantly, he had a duel with Zlatan Ibrahimovic, the veteran striker of the Red Devils, which was a good test.

3. Tyler Morton has started another match.

The 19-year-old has clearly emerged as a young favorite that Klopp hopes to form a full-fledged first-team squad.

After making his debut in the game Champions League The previous match at home defeated Porto 2-0, with the young midfielder playing 90 minutes to lead the team to a 2-0 victory, making him the first 11 in the list for the second straight game of this tournament.

“Tyler deserves continuous improvement. He didn’t get much chance. But he is ready to play for us. For that reason, he got on the field,” explains the German coach.

“He doesn’t need to lead the team to win tonight because we’re through. He is also a young footballer. But I’m happy to give him the opportunity to play tonight.

4. Mohamed Salah’s 20th goal

If you don’t believe, you have to believe that this is just the beginning of December. But the Egyptian national team star has scored 20 goals this season.

And with a 1-1 equalizer against Milan, the No.11 became the first Reds’ trader to score five goals in the Champions League group stage, the only game he failed to check the bill, a game that overturned Atlei. Tico Madrid 2-0 at Anfield, which featured Diogo Jota and Sadio Mane.

Salah, meanwhile, broke the group-stage record that Roberto Firmino set for six goals in 2017/18 when he netted as many as seven. door

The King of Egypt has now reiterated that he undoubtedly deserved a new contract after Liverpool let talks lengthen puzzling.

The future of Zlatan Ibrahimovic

The Reds won 100%, Ibra broke down!  5 issues, Liverpool invaded Milan, lost the Champions League.

It has become questionable what the Swedish forward’s future will look like at the end of the season.

As seen in the game against Liverpool, the 40-year-old God had little chance of spewing his venom when Ibrahima Konate was successfully carried into his bag.

Looking back, Ibrahimovic is unlikely to stand up for long, as he once admitted it was difficult to wake up with aches and pains even before the Liverpool game. Lan also renewed the contract with a rush of adrenaline.

It might be a pity that such a great shooter has never lifted this trophy before. After experiencing almost every championship

But since he was no longer as strong as he used to be Perhaps hanging up at the end of this season would have been inevitable if the Red Devils hadn’t thought of a new contract with the Viking spearhead.

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