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The ‘battery level percentage’ was revived in iOS 16 along with the iPhone 14, but it seems that Apple intends to improve it further in the future.

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iOS 16.1 beta 2 improves iPhone battery percentage display

Before 2017, your iPhone’s battery level was always displayed in the status bar. However, the addition of a notch on the iPhone X reduced the amount of free space above the device’s display, making it impossible to display the remaining battery percentage on later models.

iOS 16, released last week, gives users a choice between two options: a battery icon with an embedded percentage display, and a battery icon that changes color when power runs out.

However, according to Apple’s support page, “iPhone XR”, “iPhone 11”, “iPhone 12 mini”, and “iPhone 13 mini” are not supported. The reason is not explained, but the edge of the display may be an obstacle.

Although many users welcomed this feature, it was also a bit ugly. That is, when the battery percentage display is turned on, the battery icon is always fully displayed.

However, according to tech media “Cult Of Mac”, iOS 16.1 beta 2 seems to be testing a mode that combines these two. In the battery icon, the remaining amount is displayed as a percentage, and as the remaining amount decreases, the color changes gradually from right to left. The battery remains green when the iPhone is charging and red when the battery is about to run out.

Those who don’t want to see the battery percentage can also choose to hide it. By default in iOS 16 you will see a simple battery icon. Other options must be enabled manually.

However, since this is a beta version, it is not yet available to general users. Once the feature is officially adopted, this battery percentage display should be implemented in a future update.

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