The relatives of “Inspector Kan” asked for justice in 5 points, focusing on the “transfer order”, causing stress.

Relatives of “Inspector Kan” asked for justice on 5 items, expecting the latest transfer order to cause stress, while the deputy commissioner called a meeting of all the operational teams.

Reporters reported from the case of Pol Lt. Col. 51-year-old Kittikarn, or Inspector Kan, under the News Development Centre. Police Headquarters Special Branch There was a wild situation, causing shooting from two homes in the Sai Mai area, which the officers spent more than 27 hours persuading before attacking to arrest and shoot each other until the criminal was seriously injured . before being sent to hospital and later dying

Recently, the relatives of Inspector Kan Led by Mr Likit, aged 58, the eldest brother, together with his parents and more than 20 relatives, came out for the first interview. He is the youngest of 5 brothers and sisters. He is a kind hearted person. humble and honest Be loved by neighbors and colleagues, never bully, intimidate, frighten anyone, by the way, the family will demand justice for the younger brother 5 items.

1. Ask the arresting officers who storm the house, the sniper suit, the closed area around the house that each person has assigned anything. What type of firearm does each person use What number How many bullets are there? Who are the officers who enter all the houses? which gun to use How many bullets have been removed, how many shots have been fired, how many bullets are left? Who is the officer upstairs in the house? Who are the officers downstairs and how many shots have been fired? 2. I would like the prosecutor to participate in this investigation 3. Investigate the Chief Police Commander, namely the incident Chief Police Commander and the arrest management team. who decided to order this raid and arrest him 4. For a fair investigation and fairness to all parties, ask for the investigation to be completed within 3 days, by March 22, 2023, and finally 5. Ask for an inquiry’ the officers who went to inspect the building of the preliminary accident, what was seized and how?

Mr Likhit said that what the family was still thinking about and wondering was why the senior officers did not use the method lightly. by taking him to the treatment But instead leading many police officers with heavy weapons to surround and pressure This method causes stress, accumulated, using hundreds of people to trespass on to hold only. It is not likely to be done in this age. He should just wait for it to calm down and relieve stress. The stress that occurs Relatives thought it was stress from work. In the past, the younger brother worked with integrity. The younger brother previously worked in drug prevention and was transferred. In the beginning, it was an adjustment period due to involuntary migration. But later, he was always satisfied and worked well. and want to work in the same place

Until the latest order was passed without knowing it before, the person was satisfied at first, but he knew that the nature of the work was not the same within the organization, there were many problems which had an increasing effect on the mind. Until the stress can rise don’t want to go to work It’s an unfamiliar job. until the stress And being moved this time is an involuntary movement. Therefore, carefully check the situation of the person who replaced the related people, which the younger brother knows. At this point, that person knows and fears that this will be ignore

It was said that Pol. Maj. Gen. Somkuan Puengsap, deputy commissioner of the Metropolitan Police today, 20 March, 2023. Call a meeting of investigative officers to investigate the case of Inspector Kan. together with the head of the relevant practice team (Especially Arintharat outfit) in the Sai Mai police station meeting room.