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The release date of the Steam version of “A-Train Hajimatsu Sightseeing Plan” has been decided! Plus features unique to PC | Game * Spark

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Artdink is an urban development railway simulation game released on Nintendo Switch in March 2021.Sightseeing plan starting by A trainAnnounced that the Steam version of ”will be released on December 8, 2021.

In the Steam version, various graphic options have been expanded, convenient functions that were often requested, two new scenarios, and other additional elements and functions unique to PCs have been added while maintaining the ease and depth. The new features for the PC version are as follows.

Beautiful and high-definition cityscape

Expanded various graphic options such as “high resolution texture”, distant view that spreads farther, and reflection of water surface. In addition, the maximum number of trains that can be operated and the number of stations / subsidiaries that can be operated has been increased. Why don’t you take a closer look at the beautiful and detailed cityscape unique to a PC?

Of course, you can also adjust the settings according to the performance of your PC. You can overlook the city without stress with light movements.

Furthermore, the play style has expanded. Supports 4 types of operations: “mouse”, “keyboard”, “controller”, and “touch”. Immerse yourself in urban development to your heart’s content with a play style that suits you.

* The following environment will be required to use “High Resolution Texture”.
Memory (RAM): 12GB or more
GPU memory (VRAM): 1GB or more

Thorough support for urban development with long-awaited functions

Added convenient functions that have been requested by Nintendo Switch version users! It will enrich the president’s town planning.

Awareness of deadlines is indispensable for company management. I want to prepare enough tax payments and stock dividends by the day before. If you use the “stop timer” that stops fast-forwarding at any date and time, you can rest assured even if you take your eyes off.

And even if it fails, you can restart from the data that was “auto-saved” a little before.

In addition, you can specify the direction in which the train departs from the station or garage.

In addition to this, there are many convenient functions. Please feel the power-up to realize the city planning you want.

A new story that begins in a new city

In addition to the 9 scenarios recorded in the Nintendo Switch version, 2 completely new scenarios have been added!

A city centered on a lake, and a remote island where railroads have been lost. The skill of the president will be more important than ever for the development of a distinctive city.
Don’t miss the story that gives you a glimpse of a new side of your dependable friends.

Enjoy 11 scenarios with new buildings added and a wider range of urban development.

“Find Nussie”

A suspicious shadow witnessed on the main road lake became a hot topic, “Is it an unidentified creature?”
There are high expectations in the local area as a new tourism resource.

“Reviving Railway”

An island where railroads have been lost due to the spread of private cars.
A project to revive the railway is underway.

The Steam version of “A-Train Hajimaru Kanko Plan” is priced at 7,678 yen (tax included), and a packaged version with a Steam key will be released on the same day. In addition, some of the added elements and bug fixes will be distributed to the Nintendo Switch version as a free update after the Steam version is released.


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